Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Itch, or Lack There-of

Well, I reckon I'll find finally find out, for once and for all.
I have never once in my life had poison ivy.
I wonder sometimes if I'm immune to it.
I guess I'll find out.
I was kneeling, fumbling around in the underbrush, hooking up a battery, and I realized that I was working in poison ivy. By the time, I noticed, I'd been working in it for some time. I spent the day scanning my hands. (Every little itch or tingle had me studying them even more closely.) It's now nearly 24 hours later. Nothing. I think I really must be immune to the stuff for sure. I'm going to keep Pencil Writer's anti itch potion on hand though, just in case. Later on this morning, I've got to pull that trap.

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steviewren said...

I am jealous! I try not to look at it too hard while I spray the Roundup on it. I think I could get it from being too close to it....don't even have to touch it!