Sunday, July 6, 2008


I saw a marmalade kitten under the bushes as I was walking to our house in town. He looked at me and stretched out, rolling on his back. I could not resist him, and knelt to pet him. He immediately began to purr and pat at my finger. Oh my gosh, he was so sweet, my teeth ached. Really, is there anything at all more comforting that the weight of a purring and contented cat on your lap as you curl up with a good book?
Tim saw what was happening, and told me that it was time to go. "Isn't he just the sweetest thing you ever saw?" And Tim's answer was, "No. He looks like a nuisance." And the nuisance began to follow us down the street, scampering to keep up. People on their porches laughed as I tried to shoo him back to his home, where ever that might have been. He leapt and gamboled along. "Tim," I said, "I think he's a stray." And Tim replied, "No. No, he's not." "But he's following us." "That's because you stopped to pet him."
One of us is wrestling with this whole 'empty nest' thing.
One of us is not.
One of us is drowning in her own maternal feelings.
The other is a stinking putz.
I'm not telling you who is who.


PaintedPromise said...


Tim's a stinking putz, Tim's a stinking putz...

er, um, excuse me. i was just laughing out loud and agreeing with you... and i want you to know that Randy has absolutely forbidden me to keep any of the pups from this litter {sigh} even though they already behave better than my 2-legged children lol

debby said...

Well, by golly, your powers of deduction are really quite astounding, Susan!

The puppies ARE cute.

I'm still laughing at the thought that Mikey's going to get Wade a pink purse to carry his around in.
If there were a pink purse involved, though, my money's on Mercy. That purse and that dog would be hers.