Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Over on her site, Rhubarb Whine, Shirley lists her 'happies'. Now here's the interesting thing. It's always a pleasant thing to think on the things that make you happy, but it is a challenge to look at all the things that make you happy and pare that list down to just the six things that make you the happiest. So when I woke up in the middle of the night, it gave me something nice to think on before I finally got myself up and began my day.
In no particular order, here goes:
1. I like the partnership of a good marriage. I like the fact that it is something that I can rely on, and I know this from a deep place in my heart. When Tim and I met, we were both working at a factory. He was a machinist/mechanic. There was a woman, Jane. She was, how to say it politely...heck, there isn't one...she was a rough looking woman who thought she was hot. She was also mean and competitive, and loved drama. She had lived a very hard life, and was bitter and angry. She would try to flirt with Tim, and then tell everyone I was jealous of her. I wasn't. It didn't even occur to me. She was bad news. Tim knew it. He's a quiet person who avoids people like that. When Jane's words were repeated to me, by another trouble maker who was hoping to see a cat fight, I was flabbergasted. I stood there saying, "No, I'm not jealous. I know my Tim", everyone listening thought that I was just saying the words. but I wasn't. Not at all. It was a 'ken', a 'knowing', and a certainty that in the midst of all the uncertain things in this world, there was one thing that was true and unchanging. Saying the words out loud was a shock. I knew how naive they sounded, but I was smart enough to recognize 'truth' and that truth changed my life.
2. I love thunderstorms. I really like the wind and the rumbling and the wildness of it. Mother Nature is a moody woman.
3. I like fireflies.
4. I like writing a column, the excitement of putting the words together, the joy when it comes together, and it says just what I want it to say, just the way I want to say it. It never fails to make me feel glad, and when I get e-mails from readers, it makes me all the gladder, knowing that there are kindred souls out there, that there are others who think in the strange way that I think, who believe as I do. I also like reading for the very same reason. I also like talking to people for the same reason, give and take conversation, laughing and enjoying the minds and thoughts of others. And blogging. I like blogging for the same reason. I know that's actually four things things, but let's just lump this entry under "I like words", okay?
5. I love asparagus. I love strawberries and watermelon, and crisp apples. You know why those are special favorites? It is because when you sit down to a meal of asparagus, it is like ingesting 'spring', filling yourself with the season. Making a meal out of fresh strawberries and watermelon is actually taking a heaping helping of summer, really tasting summer, eating of the richness of it until you cannot eat any more. Apples give that same opportunity in the fall. I don't think there is a food that I really associate with winter, but I do love fresh seasonal fruits.
6. I like stone. Stone buildings, rocks in the woods, little pebbles on the beach, tombstones. I like touching something that has been here, has borne silent witness to history unfolding, and will linger on long after I have gone, with an epic saga to tell, and no voice to tell it.
So those are my happiest happies.
Narrowing them down to six was hard.
Lucky for me, eh, having so many happies that I had to struggle to find the happiest of happies?


rhubarbwhine said...

I love your happies.

Pencil Writer said...

Great post! You find happiness in many of the same things I do. Except for watermelon. Watermelon doesn't make me happy. Neither do cucumbers--same reason. But, I love your comments about stone. I often comment on how much I love stone, and want some at my house. Would LOVE a stone fireplace, stone (river stone) to line the "wash" behind our house that becomes a stream whenever we have one of those 3-4 inches of rain in an hour or so (esp. when we have days of that kind of rain!) And writing/talking/sharing thoughts, feelings, beliefs, struggles.

Thanks, Deb. Kindred spirit! Reading your blog makes me happy--except when you have really troubling stuff to deal with, then I'm not so happy for you--just happy to know you'll rise above it! :>)

Redlefty said...

I really like your #5, about eating the seasons. Never thought of it that way before!

jeanie said...

I loved the eating seasons imagery also.

What a great little task - you can't but help get a smile when you read, no doubt you had a heap of smiles when you concocted.

debby said...

PW, I've been dragging home rocks for all of my life. I have jars of them. Once I went to a beach on Lake Superior where you could just walk along and find agates. That was cool. I once found a geode in Lake Michigan.

Take a bite of summer, everyone! PW, I don't think I've ever met anyone that does not like watermelon.

Pencil Writer said...

Deb, if watermelon did to you what it does to me . . . well, you might change your perspective. Sorry I'm such a disapointment.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Deb, terrific post. Consider me your kindred spirit (or at least one of them). I love stone too. When one looks at stone, or old wood, one feels that passage of time, decades, centuries....the stones are silent, but they have a voice, and you and I, and countless others, "hear it", though it be not with the ears.