Monday, July 21, 2008


Cara had taken a week off work to go help at a children's camp. They didn't need her. Camp attendance is way down. Probably just another reflection of our economy's downturn. Anyways, she called her brother on the other side of the state and arranged to go visit for the week. A six hour drive. She's an adult. Dylan had driven to Michigan and back twice by the time he turned 18. I don't know why it made me more nervous to think of Cara driving off by herself, but it did. I want her to be independent, so I bit my tongue and never said the 'no' that sprang unbidden to my lips.

Cara's got plans for the week. She was dragging Dylan off to New York City. Although he's lived in Allentown for a year, he's not been yet. And he's moved from his apartment to a house outside town with a garage. "Moved in' means something different to a man than it does a woman, so Cara took lots of things to make his house a home. I contributed a bathroom set. She's going to decorate his bathroom one night while he's at work. She figures that he will be so awestruck at her talent that he will give her his debit card for the rest of the week, so that she can continue her 'extreme home makeover'. Dylan laughed pretty hard when I told him that but I'm fairly sure I was able to make out "" She's going to bake cookies, and said when she told him she was going to fix nice meals for him, he squeaked " COOK???!!!!"

So Cara is on the other side of the state.
My house is neat.
No pile of unwashed dishes at the side of the sink.
The phone stays where it belongs.
No wet bathroom towels to be collected from the floor.
My house is quiet.
No music blaring.
No exasperated "But, Mooooommmmm!"
No sharp, "Enough, Cara!"
The phone is not ringing off the table.
I need to get used to this,
because this is how it's going to be.
How strange.


jeanie said...

Also a nice warm fuzzy that she and Dylan are having some special sibling time together.

Debby said...

Yes. Okay, Jeanie...that too. I am glad for that!

BB said...

Totally cool - your kids are cute, AND they get to go to NYC, AND they are generally being nice to each other... and your home is YOURS. I know you miss her heaps... sending hugs. She'll be back to haunt you soon, I'm sure!!!
PS Jealous about seeing NYC - one thing I missed on my American adventure!

Hal Johnson said...

Good looking young 'uns you have there!

How strange it must be, making that transition. How sad, wonderful, and exciting it must be to see your kids as adults.

Debby said...

Well, then, BB - you must have another American adventure! My sister and I were discussing this phenomenon. Her boys get along great now. They fought like cats as teenagers. Cara and Dylan were not the best of friends. But now that they are grown, they are very close. Something to do with not being under the same roof. That's what we think, anyways.

Hi, Hal. It IS strange, sad in a way, exciting in a way. Life's funny like that.

Lavinia said...

Oh boy Debby, I can relate. My daughter's been away as often (if not more) than she's been home this summer....she is one very busy social butterfly.....but you know, once September arrives, all that will come to an end....things will return to's a bit disconcerting to be in a quiet, tidy house.....

PaintedPromise said...

too funny, my girls Lindsey and Hilary left Saturday to visit their sister Andria in Salt Lake City Utah - driving! i was glad to hear from them a couple of times during the trip and again when they arrived safely - whew!!

Mary O. Paddock said...

Great story.

I do hope my two oldest get along better after they leave home. Of the four, they struggle in their relationship the most.