Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Call of the Wild

The coyotes are raising a ruckus down in the woods, yipping and howling, and carrying on. Probably a successful hunt has excited them.
Buck stands alert, poised at the sliding glass doors.
He just had his one cup of diet dog food topped by his (*very* generous) tablespoon of canned food.
I watch his ears twitch as he leans forward to listen.
He's never read Jack London, I know,
but Buck wants to be coyote.
Nobody puts a coyote on a diet.


BB said...

Oh Buck... dear me. Do you think he is finding his inner wild hound?? Cozzie used to do that on occasion - not that he dieted, but he did howl. And a great dane howling is enough to put the neighbourhood on high alert!!

Hal Johnson said...

Gomez, our half-Chihuahua, half Miniature Doberman "herd protector," fancies himself to be a coyote in waiting as well. I don't think he'd fool them.

We moved into our house in the woods in early '94, and for the first three or four years, we heard coyotes a lot. Then they seemed to move away, until this year. They seem to move down the canyon two or three times a week now. I'm sure they give our house a wide berth, knowing that Gomez is here.

Debby said...

BB - Buck has never howled that I've heard, but the coyotes make him very twitchy, as if some basic struggle of 'wild vs. domesticated' is waging in his canine heart.

Hal - Gomez. LOL. I can only think of the 'Addams Family'and how Gomez was driven to near madness when Morticia spoke French! When I used to drive Cara in for her guitar lesson, Buck and I would walk for an hour. At one house we passed, there was a chihuahua that had a 'run', a leash attached to a long line that ran from the house to a tree in the front yard. Buck is a very large dog, and he would stand there, bemused, on the end of his leash while this little dog, barking furiously, would run at him full tilt, only to hit the end of his wire, be sprung backwards, and then run forward again and again. Buck would have to be dragged away from the interesting spectacle. He loved watching that little dog fly.

Lavinia said...

Good think Buck can't might have a genuine rebellion on your hands!