Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It has been hot here, wicked hot. As I went from site to site yesterday, I was glad for the approaching storm. You could feel it in the breeze, you could hear it in the rumbles of the distant thunder, you could smell it in the air, you could see it in the alarming black and purple clouds off to the west. The air was just heavy with the approaching storm. At one point, I was able to stand in the hot sun, watching the rain pummel the next mountains over. It was coming, it was coming. I worked on, keeping a wary eye on the sky.
When it did come, it was a dandy storm. I love thunder and lightning storms, and this was a great one. The thunder rumbled hugely, rolling from one end of the heavens to the other, and the lightning flashed. The trees whipped in the wind. The rain splattered in great huge drops. I got soaked to the skin. My shoes would squeak for the rest of the day. (There's probably some dread foot rot that I will get from walking around in wet footwear for days on end.) It was just a soul satisfying storm. The strange thing about this one though, was that I saw it coming for ages before it hit, and then even when it did hit, I could look over at the next mountains to the west, and see that it was sunny and bright. I knew the storm would not last long. It did not. No matter. It was awesome while it was around.
I drove the truck back to the shop, happy in my soul. I'd witnessed a metaphor. Not much different than life, is it? The storms approach, overtake us, and then pass by. There's always a bright patch coming right behind them.
I love life lessons.
Especially when they are illustrated by a mighty hand.


jeanie said...

Beautiful post, Deb. We had an almost storm here yesterday - got to see it contemplate us, but didn't rain.

I actually love storms, but watching the news of late from over there it would not be always welcome.

BB said...

Love you "big picture" stuff. Love storms too - always have. Everyone used to think I was strange, but it's a part of who I am. They energise me...

I have a very "little picture" post up next... get your "gads" hat on! Whatever that means...


Redlefty said...

At the grocery store last week I heard over the speakers that they were playing muzak -- it was "Why Worry" by Dire Straits:

Why worry? There will be laughter after pain. There will be sunshine after rain. These things have always been the same. So why worry now?

Your post about the storm reminded me of it. Good lessons indeed!

Lavinia said...

Very well-written post. Practically poetry! The power of the elements never fails to impress, does it. A might hand, indeed. Amen to that.

Debby said...

Storms have a poetry all of their own. It's neat to find others who appreciate them.

Redlefty - yesterday's weather had Bob Seger running through my mind- 'I heard the sound of distant thunder, how far off I sit and wonder, start humming a song from 1962, ain't it funny how the night moves...'

How these days do fly, one after another, rushing through their course, no way to stop them or to hold on to them, like water dripping through your fingers.

steviewren said...

"How these days do fly, one after another, rushing through their course, no way to stop them or to hold on to them, like water dripping through your fingers."....another nice simile.

Girl, you got the gift! I come over to your blog for my daily dash of reality, rumination, reason and real good writing. (hows my alliteration?)

PaintedPromise said...

love storms too! when we get them here, which unfortunately isn't very often, the first thing the girls and i do is run out and get rained on :)