Sunday, June 15, 2008


It's quiet this morning. It should be. We had a house full of kids last night. We left, seeking sanctuary at quiet homes. They're a good bunch of kids, and we've known most of them since they were pipsqueaks. We left Cara in charge with the same instructions we always give her.
No dope smoking in the house.
No kegs.
No orgies in the livingroom.
This is hysterically funny every time. You have to know Cara. She always pretends that I've just spoiled all her party plans. I always say something like, 'I mean it this time!'
These things aren't in the realm of possibility.
Therefore this is funny.
They went through the food. Cara said, "It was rather like a feeding frenzy." Me: "Was there blood?" Cara: "Not this time." When we got home, we tidied up a bit and went to bed, finally falling asleep to the sound of them running around in the front yard. I'd bought sparklers.
I love the different seasons. Not just the fall, winter, spring, summer thing. I like those seasons. Well. Except for winter. Like BB, I'm not so keen on cold. But I like the other seasons, and I tolerate the winter thing fairly well. Except at the end, where I usually get a case of the blues that nothing can really cure. I endure it as patiently as I can, and try to keep my mouth shut, so as not to inflict my miserable nature on everybody else. Unless, of course, you ask everybody else. They'd probably tell you that I'm just plain miserable to be around at the end of winter, but that would be bullshit, and you should ignore them because I've discovered that everybody else exaggerates horribly at the end of winter. I don't know why. It's just something that I've noticed, at the end of winter.
But I'm getting off the subject here.
There's other seasons. The small seasons. Daffodil season has already come and gone. And so has lilac season. I saw my first lightning bug last night. It was very exciting. We only have them for about 6 weeks, and I love to sit on the porch swing and watch them at night. There's others, I suppose, but I can't really sit and ponder things today. I've got a broccoli salad to make for the second party, the family party today. But we sort of mark our lives by these seasons, don't we? I can't smell lilacs' rich fragrance, without remembering other lilac seasons. I can't watch the lightning bugs without hearing the echos of children -my own- running through the yard with jars to catch them for their rooms. I can't see daffodils without remembering Easters long gone.
With the graduation of Cara, my own 'season' of children has ended. But today, at the party, my nieces will be bringing their children. Babies, toddlers, school aged. And I will romp with the kids, and nuzzle necks until they giggle. I've got 'poppers' and sparklers. I will have a great time. It's a little sad. My own season of children is over, and I cannot see other children without remembering my own children, now grown.
My children are now grown.
Let me get started on that broccoli salad.


mikey said...

I sure miss fireflies. Those are the coolest thing ever!! Makes me ache for them...
and Sparklers!!! We can't get those here.... you guys have all the fun :)

debby said...

Funny. I miss Mikey. Oh. And the snake skin is the star of the graduation party, much to Cara's chagrin.

jeanie said...

Another great post - when is broccoli salad season?

Currently, we are in the bitter cold winds not driving away the mosquitos fast enough season - I would love to see it disappear, only I know that just around the corner is the howling gales rattling the shutters season.

Still, we have beautiful days to remind us that these little trials are there so we appreciate the sunshine and quiet that much more.

Are you that concerned that warnings over living room orgy season may come to pass soon?

debby said...

No Jeanie, not concerned at all. Cara is a pretty sensible kid. She's watched her sister, seen her fall. Sex is not going to be what trips Cara up.

debby said...

No Jeanie, not concerned at all. Cara is a pretty sensible kid. She's watched her sister, seen her fall. Sex is not going to be what trips Cara up.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

A trace of melancholy in this know, Debby, you will always be a mama and they will always be your babies no matter how big they get! You know that don't you!?!?