Monday, June 23, 2008

Poor Brummie!

Poor Brummie. On Friday, June 20th, she recounts the sad tale of the fickle nature of her beloved dog Sam. He's become a slobbering mass of adoration for her husband. She thought that perhaps it was because he was a man's dog. Until he fell, with a thud, for her friend who is "100% female".
So the Brummie thinks perhaps she should get a cat.
Because cats are known for their loyal natures.
Brummie, you need a vacation,
You've been typing waaaaaay too much, my friend.

Given that the weather in our neck of the woods sounds much the same as the weather that's driving you crazy in Birmingham, it's probably wise that you've chose to visit 'The Wild West' on your American vacation, but I've a notion we'd have gotten along well. Cheers!


Pencil Writer said...

FABULOUS picture! Hilarious picture. What a cat! Ha, ha. He, he. Ho, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha. Sigh.

Fastfingers said...

Yeah, I think we'd have gotten along well too - same sense of humour, same exhausted look after raising children, just gettin' through life as best we can and trying not to kill too many people along the way.

I'm not getting a cat. It was a momentary blip. I don't like cats. I'd get a hamster, but the man-loving dog would probably eat it.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

oooooh! clever spooky kitty...