Sunday, June 15, 2008

Party people.

As per usual, I was doing the grilling and didn't think about a camera until halfway through. People had already started to leave, even. *sigh* I suck. But the fellow above is Rae. Tim and I and Rae all worked third shift at the same factory. I ran a machine. Tim fixed the machine. Rae was a tool maker. Rae's a dandy, kind of shy, loves people and kids and animals. Funny as a hoot. Also single. Single women...leave comment.
This is my sister, Anna, with Cara, graduation night. She's a nurse. She couldn't make it to the party. She works 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday.
Her husband, Dave, came. Dave is the great bean meister. So Dave is always in charge of the beans. He's a great practical joker. Best to keep an eye on him.
The guy in the middle is Dave and Anna's oldest son, Jim. He was badly wounded in Iraq. He's back home now. His wife, Sara is just the nicest gal. Notice the male relatives all wear hats? All the time?
This cutie patootie is Becker. I didn't get pictures of Shawn and Angela, his parents.
I've offered to swap for Becker. His parents won't. I think his parents stink.
My niece Kellie. She is the mother of Rachel, who's sitting on Rae's lap in the first picture.
Kellie works at the paper I write for.

Her husband is Dave, not to be confused with brother in law Dave.
This is Mary and Danny. Danny is the 'big dumb Polack' who writes poetry to his wife. Hysterically funny people. Oh, my gosh. They brought pictures from their son, Luke's recent wedding in May. This was the reception that sparked the disagreement between Tim and I.

Here's Kristie, who is Kellie's sister. She's got her two boys, Connor and Justin. Her husband, Mike, has a large horse operation, supplying horses to a local summer camp. He's working pretty much 7 days a week during the summer.

Good times. Good times. More later. Blogger will not download other pictures. Too tired to argue. All night party last night for the kids, family party ran 7 hours today. I'm going to bed.

Happy Father's Day to everyone it applies to out there.

And people, find a reason to have a party. Invite everyone.


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Lavinia said...

More fun, lovely family photos. Another post that gives me the warm and fuzzies. Your family really sounds like a hoot, a riot, a fun loving bunch....