Tuesday, June 24, 2008


You know that cemetery I was at, the one where I happened (unknowingly) upon the burial of one of my own relatives? Well, I was back there today to pick up my trap. I've been here before, but I never seen this before. How I missed it, I don't know, but as I was driving to the back of the cemetery, I saw a tombstone engraved with the words, 'You can't beat this'.
I'm intrigued.
Can't beat death? As in, it gets us all?
None of us will get out of this alive?
Or heaven is so wonderful, it just can't be beat?
Was he just a happy guy walking around this earth, saying 'You can't beat this' with a broad, satisfied smile on his face?
'You can't beat this.'
I've been thinking about this one all day.
Also saw something that I will take a picture of next week. I just stared in amazement. It was a tombstone for a seventeen year old boy. I'm not going to try to describe it, but I'm interested to hear what you folks have to say about it.
I left the cemetery and was driving down the road, and suddenly a daddy long leg spider crawled from my hair on to my face. I'm not arachnophobic, but I screamed a little anyways, and knocked it off my face. It's in the truck someplace, but I'm sure it will die in the heat of the closed up truck tonight.
It was a long day. I started early, and worked late. It was a bizarre day, full of strange things to blog about. On the way home, I crested a hill to see a turkey vulture flying square at my car and it didn't veer until the very last minute. I never really thought about it, but their eyes are on the side of their head. They probably can't see things in front of them. Even largish silver cars. That was a close one.
I'm not superstitious or anything, but I'm in for the night.


Redlefty said...

Fun day! Heh.

Can't wait to see the tombstone.

PaintedPromise said...

i heard that daddy long legs are the most poisonous spider there is... but no threat to us because their mouths are too small to bite us! gee doesn't that make you feel better??? hope one doesn't breed with a ladybug huh Debby?? {snort}

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Ooohhhhh! Gosh I love cemeteries but I am fascinated with your most recent encounters... especially stumbling on the service of one of your own! Did you know they had died? Waited for the next instalment with bated breath!!!!

debby said...

BB - since I'm estranged from my family, I don't know anything. I'd read this woman's obit sometime back. What I did not know was that she was being 'shipped' from Arizona back to Lottsville, Pennsylvania. It was a complete coinkydink that I happened to be in that cemetary at that time. I kept hearing Bogart's voice. "Of all the cemteries in this county..."

steviewren said...

Debby, I was thinking that you have the most interesting life....I am about to die from boredom in mine. I know it is all about attitude...but I got nothing anymore. How I envy you out driving around from location to location each day. Mundane things seem so interesting when you write about them.

debby said...

Oh, Stevie, if you're bored, you're not paying attention. There is always a story to be found. That is how I am entertained. There are stories in the people, there are stories in the world we live in. The world is a endless book of stories, and no matter how long we read, we will have but scratched the surface of it. Don't be bored. Life is too short.

Susan, Susan, Susan. You're lucky I'm good natured!

BB and Redlefty - I'll be quite interested to see if you've ever seen anything like this in all of your cemetery jaunts. I'll have something up by next Wednesday, latest.