Sunday, June 29, 2008


I was working out in the garden today and stirred up a kind of large garter snake, maybe 15 inches long or so. Not big by Bush Babe's standards. Not scary by Bush Babe's standards. Stayed right on the ground where sensible snakes are supposed to stay, unless they live in Australia, where apparently common sense snake laws do not prevail. I don't know whether it was due to Bush Babe's concerted efforts to desensitize me to my reptile phobia using her photography, or Mikey sending a diamondback rattlesnake skin to Tim, but I do have to say that today I saw a kind of large garter snake, and I did not shriek and drop stuff. I took a deep breath, kept a close and wary eye on him, and went on with my work. And when I was done, I gathered up my things, and left him there, watching me with his wary eyes. I was quite proud of my handling of the situation, my maturity, my oneness with nature.
My sister came back from taking a look at the not-ripe-yet blueberries. She let me know that a large blacksnake decamped our blueberries, and headed into our woodshed. Black snakes are bigger and faster.
Desensitation has its limits.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Oh Debby, steer clear of the know, not even Indiana Jones can tolerate them...(ha ha).

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Oh well done Deb... so proud of your progess. I should point out that I am not particularly calm when snakes are in close proximity to me or mine. If I have given you that impression, I apologise. I just accept they are in my world, and hope I don't actually have to SEE them.


Mary Paddock said...

You can be lauded for not killing it, that's for sure. :) Too many people react to that kind of fear by killing them.

I've never understood that response.

debby said...

Mary - I have this idea that you don't kill what you don't eat, so I no. Not doing any snake killing.

Oh, great, BB. After using you for my 'bravery' pin up girl...

Lavinia - Indy doesn't go to Australia either does he?