Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I was sitting on my friend's front porch, visiting for a while last night. We were talking about being 50 and on our own. Her only child, her son is getting married on Saturday. It is strange, after being a mother for so long, that suddenly our role has changed. I told her about my guilty feelings about spending money on myself. Since she was had been looking in the phone book for a woman's spa, having decided she wanted a massage, she was not able to understand this. I tried to explain, and finished it up with, 'but yesterday, Karen, I got a haircut, and then I bought the lotion that I like, and it wasn't on sale, and I bought some new stuff for my hair.'
She looked at me with great interest and said, "Oh. What salon did you go to?"
Me: "Well, it was the Walmart. Babysteps, Karen. Babysteps."
And two middle aged ladies laughed at their own foolish natures.
Gees, you want to read a story that had me hunkered over the computer with my heart in my throat, read Megaloi.
It was sad about George Carlin dying. He was not only funny, he was wickedly intelligent. I've always loved quick and intelligent wit. I've always thought he was profound as well as funny. He had a very good rant about celebrity deaths some time back. I imagine he'd not be impressed with all the hoopla at his own passing.


Pencil Writer said...

Yes, George Carlin was "wickedly" intelligent and I always enjoyed the way he played with words--unless he got raunchy. Far too many good comedians seem to think they're really funny when they dip into the off-color areas of life--and I don't mean race, but racey. Anyway, he was hilarious and made us think. I'd like to have some of his TAME scripts.

I figured you would have been a fan, too!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

One day I will read here about how you splurged...maybe a plane ticket to Rome, or a cruise to Alaska....

And I will smile!

PaintedPromise said...

OMG my heart is racing what a story from Megaloi!!! i actually know a gal whose year-old granddaughter somehow caught a finger in an escalator and it was almost severed... it's been a couple years and she has almost full use but it doesn't look quite like the others...

as for splurging, you can come take lessons from me! i know i will miss my kids (and they aren't actually gone yet) but i am already spoiling myself and boy is it fun!!!