Monday, June 16, 2008

Family Party II

Like I said, I was grilling. And talking. And nuzzling children and babies. So the camera came out kind of late. Tim was showing a snakeskin around, and the menfolk just could not be bothered to take pictures. The dog was going nuts. He really can't stand that snakeskin, and when it rattles, he gets even twitchier. By the time it went back on the shelf, he sat in the middle of the room staring fixedly at it, just in case it spontaneously grew new innards and came alive.
Good news?
It didn't.
Here's more pictures though.
This is my sister Eileen. She's the one who told Tim she got him a concubine.
She meant columbine.
She's the one going to college this fall.
I hope they teach a vocab class.
Cara told her that she can become popular by being the person who buys the beer.
Cara thinks she's funny stuff.
She somehow found out that the school Eileen is headed too has the highest rate of STDs of any college in Pennsylvania. Cara really howled over that.
This is Sara. Sara is Jim's wife. We watched her with Rachel, and then we told Jim that we really thought that he and Sara needed to get themselves one of those. Jim said, "What store do you go to for those?" And Dylan said, "Well, go to Goodwill and see if you can buy one slightly used before you go out and pay full price."(That's my boy...) And I looked at them in amazement and said, "Wait! Nobody ever explained the facts of life...why, we have been remiss! Sit down boys..." and they ran from the deck. Dylan remembers the talk.
Apparently still traumatized.
The green stuff on his tongue is ice cream cake.
He was trying to gross people out.
Since we come from a long line of mighty strange folk,
green tongues aren't going to do it.
Dave got a farting Father's Day card.
He passed it around.
The card, I mean.

Cara made Dylan pose with her. "Pretend that you love me." They are actually very close, talk on the phone all the time.
And then she pointed out that maybe she could move in with Dylan.
He indicated that pretending to love her was easier when they didn't live under the same roof.

We visited with the family yesterday. It was so much fun. Probably the thing that I heard more often was this wondering kind of "So why don't we do this more often?" Nobody knew.

I think that I will.


Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Nice to meet some of your cast of characters!!! Also love the whole brother-sister thing going on with Dylan and Cara... all ahead of me no doubt!!!

jeanie said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Oh that is so sweet...your family is lovely. You sound like such fun, what with kidding each other and the sense of humour that runs through everybody...wonderful family times. You are blessed!