Monday, June 9, 2008


Cara graduated from high school.
Magna cum laude.
She's not as depressed about the fact as she appears here.
It's just that she's stuck with a mother who's taking pictures.
Acting all excited and proud.
Mothers suck when they get like that.

See. I told you.

As soon as the girl gets with her friends,

she's funny.



And what's up with that picture? It looks as if something nibbled off the corners.

Oh well.

Deal with it.

But see the difference.

No friends. Just parents.

Look at that sad face.

Here she is again. With friends.


Luckily I'm not a mother with low self esteem.

Otherwise, I'd feel bad.

Anyways, this is Sarah, and Cara, and Cole, and Johnna.

They have been friends since second grade.

Cole's mother and I met in the grocery store.

"I was getting pictures together for his album.

Remember how cute they were in second grade?'

And I smiled when she said that, because I did remember.

Cara and Cole were going to get married in elementary school.

This merry little group have had some adventures.

This is Tommy and Cara.

Ironically, I went to school with a boy of the same name.

He's this Tommy's father.

I like Tommy.

This is Jamie and Cara.

Jamie and Cara got 6 hours of detention once.

For playing scrabble during their lunch period.

Sounds pretty innocuous, doesn't it?

Unfortunately they were in the rafters of the auditorium at the time.

Jamie's father said "Well, now Jamie won't have anyone to lead him astray."

He was kidding.

I think.


This chapter's over.


I cried.

But I can't wait to see what comes next.


Hal Johnson said...

Great photos. I have trouble envisioning Dylan at high school graduation, but I know it will happen before I'm ready.

Here's to your next chapter.

jeanie said...

How beautiful - well, except for that yellow - still, its a very egalitarian colour I suppose.


Pencil Writer said...

Congrats to Cara and Mom and Dad. It's a great day and a sad day. We know they're not the cute little toddlers they once were and they don't need us like they did then. (Thank Heaven!)

Actually, in some ways, they need us more--just differently.

debby said...

IT'S GOLD JEANIE!!!!! The boys wear blue and the girls wear gold. (The school colors are blue and gold, get it?). She could have worn her brother's blue robe just for grins and chuckles, but she's pretty short, and he's a head taller. She'd have tripped and fallen over her joke.

debby said...
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Alison said...

Oh wow!
Congratulations to all of you :-)

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

OK... go and get Cara now.
Bring her back and sit her down in front of this post.

Now show her the difference between home photos and friend photos. The difference is startling... she is quite beautiful!!!! When she SMILES especially.

Cara, I think your mum needs to have a few of those directed squarely at her. We mums need the feedback. It makes all the shite worthwhile. I have a daughter who has the scariest mad-face on this planet. I am dreading her teenage years. Go on... I need to know it's all OK... otherwise I shall have to send a little kelpie puppy all the way to American, and God knows what kind of bribery and corruption THAT would entail...

I'll shut up now.

debby said...
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Scotty said...

Hearty congratulations to Cara from across the pond.