Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cara and Karma

Last night, Cara and Dylan played chess.
They've both been practicing.
Cara whupped him.
Then Cara, Dylan and I played Scrabble.
It was neck and neck for some time. Dylan got the 'q' and the 'z' and the 'j'. What's up with that? The Scrabble gods certainly favored him, last night.
In the end, however, Cara won, and rather decisively.
Displaying the good sportsmanship that she is so well known for, she did a victory dance and repeated, several times, "Who won that game? Let's read those scores. Who got 202 points? Oh. Wait. HA! That was me. It makes sense. I'm the graduate. That silver cord around my neck in all the pictures? Not to hang myself with. I forget. Read me those scores again. Mom, you were dead last?!! Who won that game again? 202. That's a nice score. Who got that again? Who got that 202? HA! Wait. That was me."
It went on for some time.
Really. She was insufferable.

Today's party day. Her friends come for an all nighter with a bonfire starting at 4.

Outdoor party.



Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Oooohhhh.... hope it clears for her, even if her sportsmanship could use some polishing!! Heh heh. Is it moving towards you??

debby said...

Straight for us.

Mary Paddock said...

LOL. The great scales are balancing.

A few years ago my best friend nursed her husband and kids through a particularly bad bout of the flu.

When her husband got well she came down with it (of course). The husband thought it would be an excellent time to go canoeing for two or three days. "I need a break" he said to her protests of being sick herself and still dealing with ill kids. "The weather is supposed to be perfect for it and I've earned it."

He had her drive him to the drop off point and told her he'd call her when he was ready to come home.

She was sick, very sick and her husband was canoeing. I was livid for her sake and and fervently wished I could wake her husband up. This was not the first time I'd seen him pull this kind of thing.

Fortunately God had seen it too.

It rained that night. It rained a lot. And he was out there without a tent on the banks of the river with no access to a phone.

The next morning (it was still raining) a very sodden husband foud his way to a phone and called up his flu-striken wife, asking in a weak small voice if she would please come pick him up as he was quite wet and not feeling very well either.

She called me up coughing and chortling and asked me if I thought she should go get him or let him suffer a bit longer.

Of course she did. The man she picked up was quite a bit better behaved than the one she'd dropped off.

They've never discussed it, but she knows that he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that God spoke to him that night.

jeanie said...

Wow - what a story Mary - that God, he smotes, doesn't he?

So - how did the party go?

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Gee that sounds exactly like my daughters definition of good sportsmanship. Why is it she can't remember that I told her to fold the laundry an hour ago, but she can remember her top scrabble scores from 2 years ago?

Debby, you and I need to try online scrabble!