Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blog for Peace II

I work by myself for a big part of the day. The uninterrupted alone time gives you time to think. I think on solving world crises.
The big stuff.
Today, I think that I may have discovered the inside track to world peace. Yesterday, I wore uncomfortable underwear, and my day was plain miserable. Today, even though it was raining, even though I lost copious amounts of blood to clouds of mosquitoes (you'd think the mosquito person would think to use repellent, wouldn't you? I don't, never do), wet socks, for all of that, it was a nice day compared to yesterday, simply because I was wearing my comfortable undies.

Now it struck me that this might be the key to world peace. Maybe Al Qaida, the Taliban, the janjaweed, all those violent, unkind groups...maybe their underwear are not comfortable. This could be the problem, because I know, from personal experience, that the wrong underwear can make you just plain mean. So it might be that terrorists wear camel hair underwear or some such thing, that given proper and comfortable undergarments, they might be just as nice as you or me. Wouldn't it be awesome if the answer was just that simple? Maybe huge shipments of Hanes dropped from planes flying high above the world hotspots would bring about world peace. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that I might be on to something.
Ta ta for now.
I'm off to quiz terrorist organizations about their state of their underwear. If I don't return, if I wind up giving my life in the pursuit of world peace, I expect one of you all to take up the noble cause, and follow in my footsteps.


Alison said...

Oh Deb - at least if you give your life to world peace, we know you'll be wearing the right underwear.

Debby said...

It's easy to be noble when your underwear are comfy, Alison.

Pencil Writer said...

Just think: World Peace through the wearing/sharing (ew!) of proper and comfy underware!

You may be on to something!

Lavinia said...

THanks for my laugh of the day. And I really needed it yesterday, I wish I'd read this yesterday as my computer went on the fritz, amongh other assorted mini-disasters....

Camel hair underwear...ha ha ha ha

BB said...

Oh my lord... I sooooooo agree. I know you were possibly joking here, but I am not. Bad undies = bad attitude. If its not a scientific fact, then it should be.

Right up along with my personal world peace belief: lack of green grass = severe antisocial behaviour. Turf up the war-torn countries and lets see what happens?

Ah, there we go Deb. World Peace achieved. Eat your hearts out, Miss World and Miss Universe! Now if I could only stop my kids bickering and whinging, I'd be set.


Debby said...

BB the whinging kids...have you checked their underwear?