Sunday, May 18, 2008

We are family...

Let's play a game. It's called 'Where's Stacey?'
It's a lot like 'Where's Waldo' except in this case,
everyone's wearing the same clothing!
Makes it harder.
She's there.
I found her, even before Tim did.
And then I cried. Because I'm a sap like that.

This is Stacey.

We were the only ones calling her that.

Tim is playing a different game now.

He likes it.

He's also darn good at it.

The man can shoot.

Stacey took me out for Mother's Day.

Mexican Food.


I love Mexican food.

Then the old folks headed north.

The soldier headed south.

Even though we headed in different directions,

we're sharing the journey.

Life's funny like that.


Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Awwww... lovely moments in these last two posts. You sound like a proud Momma (see how easily I slip into "American"? I'm bilingual like that!).

It's great to be able to put faces to names. They are lovely women, your girls.


PS I love Mexican too - particularly chicken fajitas.

Hal Johnson said...

This kind of hit me with a wallop, because it makes me realize that I might know that Dylan will grow up and move away some day, but I don't really believe it.

I love Mexican food too. Reading Bush Babe's comment, I'm reminded of a visit to a Mexican restaurant in Coffs Harbour, when I went to Australia in '91. It turned out that the owner was from my home town in southern California. Small world indeed.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I enlarged the photo and *tried* to find Stacy...but I nearly went cross-eyed in the attempt...and in the end, sorry, I just couldn't find her. BUt I know that you, as her mom, could pick her out of the crowd, of course.

You should be very proud of your beautiful daughter; she has done you, and your country, proud.

Did someone say Mexican food? And I missed it?! How did that happen!?

debby said...

Lavinia, I couldn't find her in the picture either, but I picked her out of the crowd. I know approximately where she is, but still couldn't find her in the picture.

Hal: Don't try to envision Dylan leaving now at what, 8? It will just break your heart. It evolves. It unfolds. When it's time, you'll take a deep breath and you'll let go, just as parents have done for all time.

BB: I've often thought, 'Geesh, she speaks English well for an Australian....'

Isn't being a mom just the best?

debby said...

Sorry Hal...I should have used the gender non-specific 'parent' instead of 'mom'.