Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Local News

This is big news in our town. This was today's front page story. I think these bears are just (sing it with me here), "Moving on up, to the east side. To a DE-lux apartment in the skyyyyyy...."
*cough* (ahem)
The news.


A local black bear family apparently decided to make its Memorial Day travel plans a day later than most folks.Residents on Connecticut Avenue and Alexander Avevnue woke up Tuesday to discover that a pack of bruins – a mother and four cubs – had ventured out of the woods and meandered through the neighborhood, eventually finding their way in a tree above a swimming pool.There the bears stayed, the mother sprawled over a large branch, the cubs investigating the foliage higher up in the tree while a crowd of spectators with binoculars and cameras gathered below.Pennsylvania Game Commission officers were called in to supervise the situation.The bears seemed to be in no hurry to leave.“We’ve been here watching them all morning,” a unidentified woman said from her spot along Connecticut. “(The Game Commission officers) are trying to push them (to the east) back into the woods. But the bears seem to have other ideas.”The uninvited guests finally disembarked their morning hangout spot around 1 p.m. They ambled into the yard next door, then quickly scrambled back up another tree while Game Commissioner officers kept a close eye on them.According to Cheryl Miles, a resident of the neighborhood, the bear family finally vacated the area by late Tuesday afternoon.


Pencil Writer said...

I'm sure the mom and cubs are trying to figure out what all the hulabaloo is all about. They're just hanging out in the trees per usual!

People. Weird.

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Wow... we only have koala bears and drop bears! That would keep you out of the pool for sure!!!


debby said...

Black bears are very low key. They don't attack, generally (hence the people standing around with cameras and binoculars). They can become a nuisance, but as a rule, alone in the woods, I'd just as soon run into a bear than some people I know.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I hope the bears find a safe, remote home.