Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tempus Fugit

Friday, we are celebrating my sister's 50th birthday.
How did we get to be middle aged?
Saturday one of the daughters I'm not related to is getting married.
How do they grow up so quickly?
Sunday is Cara's baccalaureate ceremony.
It hardly seems possible my youngest is graduating high school.
Gees. Tempus is certainly fugit-ing around here.
Anyone know how to slow things down?


Alison said...

Sorry Deb - No idea.
If you find the slow button, please let me know?

Have a fabulous time celebrating birthday, marriage and graduation :)

alice said...

Oh my, I cannot imagine worrying about attracting BEARS with my bird feeder? The worst I get, maybe a rampant magpie????

Lavinia said...

I'd like a 'slow-down' button at my disposal too. They really do grow up so fast....