Thursday, May 1, 2008

On fire

We've had some dry weather here as we move into summer. There was a bad brush fire on the hill where I grew up. It started on my uncle's property. He explained it to my sister in law: "I was playing computer games, and I kept thinking I smelled something burning, but I thought it was just me..."
I would have gotten up from the computer even faster if I thought it was me burning.
I guess I'm a little weird like that.


Mikey said...

Lol, that reminds me of me!
I was driving on this road, several miles between anything. I kept smelling something burning. I sniffed vents, looked around, couldn't figure it out. Went on for several minutes. Finally I looked in my rear view to see smoke billowing out of the bed of the truck!
Me, being a nasty smoker, had tossed a butt. It landed in the old hay in the bed and caught fire.
Luckily I had the cooler with melted ice in it. Tossed that on it and right after a fire truck went by.
I quit throwing ciggies out after that....

jeanie said...

Oh Mikey - ouch!

You'd think, Deb, wouldn't you?

We get to smell LOTS of fire here come Spring as I live in a region where there is a lot of sugar cane. You have to remember to bring the washing in early!

BB said...

All I can say... is he a smoker?? Why on earth would he think it was him? I giggled when I read this...

Reminded me of my grandmother, who learned to drive when she was 60. SHe had picked me up from the airport (I was about 14 and driving all the time at home on the property) and was chatting to me as she drove. I was concerned that she didn't seem to be watching the road when "BAM" the car veered up, bounced down and then bashed down again. We had just driven straight ACROSS a roundabout. All she said was: "Goodness, that wasn't there last time I drove this way."

What the???


Debby said...

Mikey - you noticed though. This is a good thing.

Jeanie - oh, I remember the sugar cane fires when I lived in Hawaii. That is some thick, thick smoke.

BB - although I was not there, I am assuming that Butch meant something to the effect of 'is it hot in here or is it me'. As in he was doubting his own senses. But the way he said it, in his inimitable slow talking, cousin Butch sort of way made everyone fall down laughing.

What's a roundabout? Besides an old 'Yes' song?

Lavinia said...