Thursday, May 15, 2008

No! No! No!

To clear up any confusion from last night's post, let me explain that my little family is not in dire financial straits, trying to get money from outside agencies. Although Tim's company is on shaky ground, they've been able to make payroll each week, although insurance was briefly canceled until they paid the premium. This affected us not at all.
We are applying for financial aid. Here in the US of A, these are the steps involved in applying for college:
Step 1: Your child selects the college. All colleges in the running provide you with a big packet of information, and you look at the numbers and breathe "Dear heavens! Prices have skyrocketed. How in the heck do people afford to send their children to college." Shortly after that, colleges begin offering you money off to attend their colleges. This helps. You pick the college that offers the biggest 'bang' (educationally speaking) for the buck.
Colleges continue to call and write wanting to know what college you've picked and why. My answer: "All you need to know is that she will not be attending yours." No particular reason for this, other than they are spending lots of money to 'court' my daughter, when really, they could use that money wisely, and provide a cheaper education. Allbright College is still calling, weeks after being told that Cara will attend college elsewhere. They are also very high priced. Coincidence? I don't think so.
Step 2: You begin applying for grants, loans, scholarships. This is where we are at now. Cara is independent and does most of this herself, but every form requires parental financial disclosures. The government applications annoy me. The government knows what we make, how we spent it, etc. Why do we have to duplicate?
We are on step 2, which is always annoying. Each step leads us inexorably to the final step...this fall, we will pack Cara's little car, follow in our own loaded car, and unload boxes of stuff in her college dorm room. And then we will come back home. Alone.
After thinking about it, step 2 is not quite so awful as the final step.
I'm shushing.
Back to the paperwork.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Best of luck with all that, Debby. It sure sounds like a highly complicated labyrinth....I'm not there yet, (thankfully!)...a few more years, and I think the system is different in Canada.

debby said...

Okay. That's it. I'm moving to Canada.

jeanie said...

Good luck!!!

alice said...

Gosh, what a system! Rather different to us down here.

steviewren said...

How I remember those days. We would fill out the paperwork, then it would be rejected, we'd fill it out again....Once you finally understand what they want it isn't so hard. Sending you heartfelt wishes of good luck.