Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I'm not a big fan of Hallmark holidays. I don't get all hyped up about Mother's Day. The kids did, however. I got dinner out at a Mexican restaurant. This was from Stacey when we were down in South Carolina for her graduation. It was fun to watch her study the menu in confusion and repeat, "I just feel so stupid, but I can't decide what I want..." I watched her a while longer and said, "So, Stacey, how long has it been since you actually had to choose?" Long pause as she stared at me, realization slowly dawning. She'd not grappled with choices of any kind for 9 weeks.
Brianna called. She and her Mike both have jobs in Florida. That was probably the best gift of the day. She sounded happy, but not manic. Practical, planning for the future. Mike's dad and stepmother have done work with the homeless and the downtrodden. The father is a retired police officer, and Mike is talking about joining the police force there. Once again, I find myself feeling hopeful that perhaps this story will have a happy ending after all.
Tim and I went down to the local store to get pictures from our trip printed. We bought frames for the pictures, and will give them out as gifts. I came back home to find that we had missed our Mike. He left a big pot of flowers and a card on the table. Mike usually hands Stacey money and lets her do the shopping. I love my big pot of flowers, but what I love most is that quiet Mike thought to do this without prompting. That tickled me. He called later, and he and Tim had a long chat on this and that. I like to listen to them. They are definately two peas in a pod.
I walked in and out of the kitchen several times before I noticed the new cappuccino machine on the counter. That Cara can keep a secret. She bought it while we were gone. Absence must really make the heart grow fonder, because the child that never comes out of her room, Miss Surley, she-who-cannot-speak-politely, the unhelpful one, cleaned house while we were gone. Folded laundry. Made a pasta for supper when we got home. She may have missed us. I don't know. Kind of hard to tell. Just the clean house and prepared dinner was gift enough for me. However, the cappuccino machine...ooh. "If Dylan calls you, just thank him for it as well. He's busy, and he's going to feel like crap when he realizes he forgot Mother's Day. I thought of all the nice things he's done for me, and I figured even if he doesn't want to go halves on the coffee maker, I owe him." Well. That was nice. She DOES notice these things. I'm starting to get a notion that the sweet level headed teenager we'd had right up to the beginning of her senior year is lurking somewhere close by waiting to step back out into the light.
That was my Mother's Day. I'm not really a big fan of Hallmark holidays, but I really am a big fan of my kids. My day was just wonderful. I hope yours was too.


Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Sounds totally lovely and real... Happy Mothers Day!
You need to keep this post handy for the next bout of turbulance!

debby said...

Wait!!!! There's going to be another bout of turbulance????!!!

I do remember the good things, always. It's what keeps me sane when the excrement hits the rotary oscillator...

Redlefty said...

Congrats on a great day!

jeanie said...

What a great day - each of your children in their own way showing you their love - yes, even Dylan by his pre-emptive strike of doing stuff for Cara LOL!

debby said...

The fact is, if you have raised kids who can show love to each other, then you've 'done good'. It's good enough for me.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

That was a great Mother's Day. Really great....a gift and a clean house; what more could any mother ask are blessed in so many ways...