Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday was a busy day. I hauled my indoor plants to the back deck, and set up the deck furniture. It looks very nice.
I also helped with firewood.
Weeded my strawberries.
Cleaned my ornamental pond.
The small frog living there had a nice visit with me. I carefully set him aside while I cleaned, so that he would not be injured, and then set him back where I found him when I was done. He watched me rake for awhile and then *plop* he was back into the water.
I took a look at the blueberry bushes. Blooming.
The apple trees. Blooming.
Noticed that my potatoes are coming up.
Azalea, peonies, rhododendrons, heavy with buds.
And when I was done with my work, I took a few moments to smell the lilacs.

My photograhic skills are minimal,
so you cannot, unfortunately, see what I see.
Unfortunately, you can't smell the rich scent,
or hear the drunken bumble bees lurching about their business.
Feel the wind blowing in a rain storm.
The sun on my face.
The joy in my heart.
I wish you could.
I wish I had the words so that you could.
At the end of the day, Tim and I ate grilled hamburgers on the back deck and watched the nuthatches, chickadees, goldfinches and indigo buntings fly in and out to the bird feeder.
Memorial Day was very memorable.
Can anyone's life be richer than my own?


jeanie said...

I love that you share the richness of your life so prosaically. And yes, I can almost smell those lilacs.

Pencil Writer said...

And you envied me my earlier spring. Well, now the tables have turned! I love lilacs and they don't grow this far south! And you're about to enjoy all the flowers and birds that have already gone beyond us for now.

Thank you for sharing with me. I can really almost smell the lilacs. Oh how I miss them!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Your life is very rich indeed. True wealth is not found in a bank vault.

True riches are having a mother that reads to you, feet that can carry you across the yard, and the kind of love in your heart for God's creatures, so that you carefully set aside a frog so that you can clean his habitat.

You really are so blessed!

debby said...

Would prefer that frog cleaned his own habitat, however, he showed no inclination to do so.

No lilacs...oh, PW I am sad for you.

Jeanie - thanks. *looks up prosaically*