Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just Can't Get Over It

Wade found three puppies tied out in the desert and brought them home.
Mikey blogged it.
I'm really glad I don't live near Mikey, and not just because of the whole rattlesnake thing.
I can't resist puppies (even if they are in Australia).
But Mikey's pictures really shocked me stupid.
Look again.
Mikey's strays:

Now, take a look at this:
My dog:

(Buck is neutered. Never been in Arizona. Just saying.)

Again, her dogs

Isn't that uncanny?

Perfect match.

Right down to the eyes.

Isn't that freaky?


Jeanie should have never taught me to link.

This is so kewl.

I'll stop.

I promise.


Mikey said...

Lol, they DO look like your dog!!! Wow. I can send you one you know :) I really could!!!
Love your links, you make me laugh!!!
Ok, let me go and

jeanie said...

ha ha ha Deb - the power that is in your hands now! Amazing about the dogs.

BB said...

Uncanny... you make me laugh woman! You and your linking... like a kid with a new toy!!!

And to save me poor old internet connection attempting to link through to your next post again, I loved the Lee story. A little good old fashioned fire and brimstone, eh?


alice said...

Your links crack me up. And send me all over the place, too. I found some new places to read, thanks :)

Lavinia said...

Did someone leave those dogs out to die? I can't believe it. Am I understanding your post right?

Debby said...

Yes, Lavinia. Unfortunately, you are reading it correctly. Mikey has done tons of rescue work. She's got one of the biggest hearts I've ever known.

Just one more coincidence in this: That's how I got my Buck. He was a stray that I found and brought home with me. I don't understand people sometimes.

Lavinia said...

I think its absolutely horrific. Its murderous. I'm outraged. Thank God they were rescued.....