Saturday, May 17, 2008

Isn't she lovely....

I've always thought that my children were beautiful. Maternal bias maybe. Dunno. But today Cara was getting ready for her senior prom. It's hard to believe that this is the last one, but it's true. Usually Cara gathers all her stuff and goes to one or another of her friends' house to get ready. This year, she surprised me. She wanted mother-daughter time. She asked for it. She kept saying, "Isn't it a little sad that this is my last prom?" I eyed her over top of my coffee and said, "What? I don't get a break until I cry?" We both laughed.


We picked up her boutonniere for Jamie, her 'date'. They've been part of the same circle of friends for several years. Nothing serious there, except for the time they got caught eating their lunch in the rafters of the auditorium a few years back. Got detention for that.


Our second stop was to pick up a corsage for Johnna who's going 'stag'. Cara remembered going stag to prom one year. She was the only one without flowers, and that made her cry, even though she didn't think it bothered her. So she bought flowers for Johnna.


We went the the beauty parlor for her updo. It was a half hour job, but when she got up, she was thrilled with her hair.

And then to look for shoes for her dress...she'd gotten blisters the previous night, walking in heels from Severence Hall in Cleveland to Little Italy supper. We found a sparkly rhinestone pair with straps set differently so that they did not rub her blisters. I even bought a pair of shoes for myself, to go with the black pants and white blouse I was wearing to a wedding. She went to the Bon-Ton to have her make up done. I had to keep blinking. She just looked so...what? Not like Cara? No. She looked like Cara. But a different Cara. Glamour Cara. By the time we got home, we were running late. Jamie was due in less than an hour. She shrugged on her red dress, fancy earrings, and the transformation was complete. And even though I thought she was always lovely, I can't stop staring now.


It wasn't just me. Jamie looked a little startled when she walked into the room.


Pictures tomorrow. I've got to get dressed for a wedding. Jamie and Cara have left for dinner, but my mind keeps sneaking peaks.


Mary Paddock said...

I get occasional glimpses of my sons when they are well-dressed. Recently my oldest dressed up for a theme party and when he came out dressed in a suit, hair cut and shaved, I was blown away by how grown up he looked and how very handsome he was.

Sometimes I wish we could just snap pictures all the time, don't you?

debby said...

I do snap pictures, mentally, constantly. My mind is full of them. My mental scrapbook runneth over. I can only share these pictures with others using my words. Those words are never enough to describe these wonderous moments and so I hug them close to my heart.

jeanie said...

Wow - how beautiful a day for you both!

She looks gorgeous, and how thoughtful of her to get a corsage for her friend.

Greg said...

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Pencil Writer said...

Cara looks lovely--and very confident in her "new" look. Jamie's not bad lookin' either! It does amaze us sometimes to look at our CHILDREN as adults--and I have four of those now! WOW! Where does the time go?

I just went through a bag of their old stuffed toys. Thought I'd gotten rid of them years ago. Found enough to fill a fair-sized box to send to the Grandchildren with plenty left over to donate to a benefit garage sale.

It doesn't seem like my children played with those toys twenty years ago . . .

PaintedPromise said...

what a sweetie to get a corsage for her friend!

like you i have missed my girls getting ready for prom, we live so far out of town that they go in to get hair etc. done and all i get are pictures...

personally i never got to go to prom. i think it scarred me for life lol - i'm bad like that, i don't really even want to hear about it so it's just as well my girls get ready somewhere else... my husband went to so many proms with his parents' friends' daughters that i tell him it is all his fault i never got to go, because he went to so many lol.

debby said...

I was so awkward and shy that I never even had a date until I was 19. I never went to a prom. I always hoped to be asked, but it probably worked out for the best because I would not have had a dress to wear anyways. It always made be glad to see my girls dressing up, and feeling pretty and confident. I wanted them to have that.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Oh what a beautiful couple, especially so in their co-ordinating outfits. Your daughters are beautiful, and you have every right to be proud and pleased as punch. Hugs and a pat on the back to you; you've raised them right. How nice that she is valuing mother-daughter time, it's music to every mum's ears to hear that our kids actually want to spend time with us during their teen years!

Mikey said...

awww, she's beautiful! you're not biased, she really is!