Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm baaaaaaack!

Bags to unpack, phone calls to return, messages to respond to, laundry to do, but I am back.
I saw a road killed bob cat in West Virginia, veins of black coal ribboning through the mountainsides exposed when a path was blasted through them for the highway. I saw an woman who must have been 70 or 80 years old waitressing at a small mountain restaurant, and I wondered why, but she seemed happy as could be. A southern granny walking with her grandaughter shocked me when she spit a stream of tobacco juice. I smelled jasmine again, and heard myself talking southern with another elderly lady working in a a little dollar store. (Some bimbo left her sunglasses at home, not being used to summer sun yet). I used to live in the south, and had a southern accent, lost it after living life as a yankee, and then, to my surprise, heard myself say 'faaaaahr' for 'fire'. Tim shot an M-16 and missed once out of ten shots. He threw a hand grenade three times and hit his target three times. He enjoyed playing Army very much. His twisted back (scoliosis) never allowed him to enlist, but I think that he would have liked it very much. I discovered that as I passed an officer, still, after nearly 20 years out, my arm still started up to salute before I caught myself and adjusted my bra strap instead.
Stacey was glad basic was done, we had a great time, lots to do, lots to say. It was a nice trip. Will write more later.
PS...I hate not being able to center my posts. Blogspot, if you're listening, this stinks.


Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Welcome back bug-lady!!! We missed you... why can't you centre your text? I still can... message Jeanie - she can talk you through the HTML fix I am sure!!!
PS It could be confusing if we call the Grey puppy, Mine... he's got enough of a boof head already without thinking everyone wants him!!!

Alison said...

Welcome back!
I missed you.
And I was trying to figure out what wasn't quite right all the way through your post - Being off centre really throws a person, huh?

jeanie said...

Hi - just sent you an email on this.

I just had an inspiration you may be able to do it within your template, but that may be a bit more difficult to examine and change.

The easiest way is in "Compose" mode, highlighting the whole post and clicking on the centre icon.

Another way is in "HTML" mode, putting (without the spaces I use to show this) < center > at the beginning and < / center > at the end.

Sounds like you (and Tim) had a great trip!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

A very interesting vignette of the images and events of the past few days, that made an impression on you. Funny how the accent comes back.

PaintedPromise said...

hey Debby welcome back :) and wow my mom and i and one of my daughters have scoliosis too... it's why i don't have good balance and i hold on to the horn of my saddle when my horse does more than a walk...

hey you got tagged by me and i know you were out of town but you need to get busy!

debby said...

Painted Promise: Scoliosis runs in Tim's family as well. One of his sisters had surgery for it. Because it was something that was considered a girl's problem, he was not watched, and actually has it quite badly. I noticed it after we were married. Took him 4 years to see a doctor. He is two degrees away from needing surgery, and the doctor was quite amazed that he functioned so well with such a badly curved back. She also felt that because he was so strong, it was actually his musculature that kept his back from curving even worse. But you cannot tell that he has this problem when he is dressed. I feel it's probably what kept him so short.
Lavinia: The accent thing: It surprised me when I realized that I'd picked it up the first time. I could only think that it came from an unconscious desire to 'fit in' and I never saw myself as that sort of person.
Jeanie: Thanks. Did not notice the tab had gotten clicked and that I was in HTML. You're my hero.
BB and A - Thanks. It is good to be back. Is there anything finer than sleeping in your own comfortable bed, with your own comfortable outside noises? I slept like a rock.

debby said...

Oh. BB, the gray puppie is MINE. You can call him what you want. I'm calling him MINE. Those are some cuh-YUTE puppies...