Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Wizard of Oz

Tim and I are disagreeing right now, and I could not sleep.
It'll pass, but is it just me, or can men be damn annoying?
I came downstairs at 3 AM to find an e-mail from Jeanie. After reading Hal's birthday greeting, she noticed the obvious: I did not know how to link. She took it upon herself to try to teach me, brave (but foolish) woman.
She gave me method A, which she called the hard way.
Followed by method B, the easy way.
(Most people wouldn't have even given me method A, Jeanie. FYI.)
Guess which one I tried first?
And when my blog disappeared, I just about had a heart attack.
Is it just me or can computers be damn annoying?
This started a flurry of activity, e-mails flying.
We figured it out.
Well. She figured it out.
Jeanie thinks we should go in baby steps.
She's probably right.
But I think that I have this linking thing down pat.
Is it just Jeanie?
Or am I damn annoying?
Thanks Jeanie!
You're my hero.
I know you're in Australia, but can you fix Tim?


jeanie said...

Rest assured Debby - it wasn't 3am here.

Hmmm - fixing Tim? I don't think I have that sort of code - but this is the internet, babe, I am sure you can find someone who can give you a shortcut!

Hal Johnson said...

Thanks a bunch for the birthday wishes, Debby, that was really sweet.

I'm fifty-two today, but I don't feel a day over fifty!

But Debby, I must say that we husbands are seldom actually difficult. No, we're more often simply misunderstood.

I'm sure Tim would agree.

I'm sure Rhonda would agree.

Okay, maybe I'm stretching with the Rhonda claim.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Oh my, men are annoying , yes yes, no doubt about it. It's not us, its them. It's them!

Glad you figured all the techno-stuff out....and your 'vanished blog' came back...yay!

Pencil Writer said...

Only problem with fixing our loved ones . . . who's gonna fix us?

(Or are we perfect already?) lol. I'll be the first to say, "Gee, no." Wish it were so. Kinda.

alice said...

Looks like you have the linking thing licked. I'd like someone to teach me how to do strike through script in comment boxes. I see it, but I donnnnnn't beleive it...

debby said...

We're off to see the wizard...

(Jeanie? Um. That's your cue...)

jeanie said...

lol - alice, blogger in its wisdom doesn't like strikethroughin its comments and doesn't let you.

You can italicise, bold and links but unfortunately not the pretty pretty strikethrough...

I did learn while searching for that little link a shortcut for strikethrough that I didn't know so Yay - we all learn...

Oh - you want to know too? Well instead of < strike > you can go < s > (without spaces) and < / s > - although there is a warning that this cannot be used in XHTML and they like the < del > bits better... Yeah, right.

debby said...

Hal, I'm sure that Rhonda would say the same about you as I say about Tim. The same that HE says about me. And so on. I say, "Tim's perfect. Except for a few things that he needs to work on."

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Ah my darling Jeanie... she "fixes" me all the time, and rolls her eyes at my lack of computer-savvy. I don't mind though - it's a small price to pay when the girl has got the goods. BTW Jeanie - that explanation lost me completely... just speak s-l-o-w-l-y for us mere mortals!!

Love ya work (and congrats on "getting it" Deb!)


debby said...

Lucky I live in a different hemisphere. I can't see her when she rolls her eyes.