Thursday, May 1, 2008


I heard it on the radio today driving to work. One of the officers of a local youth organization was arrested, under suspicion of taking money from the same organization. I was dumbstruck. I was an officer in the same organization. I don't mind helping anybody, but the meetings were basically two groups of parents at war. I bowed out of that pretty quickly.
Life is just too short.
I know the woman. She's very active in many organizations, known for her unflagging devotion to the cause, known for her untiring works, known for her love of the kids. Everyone called her 'Mama'. All of that is lost. No matter what she does from this point on, people will remember her for stealing from the kids.
Stealing a lot from the kids.
What does a person think when they are taking money that is not theirs?
What does a person think when they are molesting a child?
Behaving hatefully?
How do they justify this in their mind?
I just don't 'get it'.
I think about what motivates me. I know that I love people. I know that I love God. I know this one thing for sure. Although I am not perfect, my goal is always to behave honorably, regardless of the situation. I'm not afraid of going to hell. When I die though, I'd like people to remember good about me.
I pray on the way to work. For her. For her kids.
I pray for myself, too: 'Please God, let me never fall short.'


Mary Paddock said...

In my few years of working with a youth organization, I saw something like happen this once. It was deeply disappointing. Most people (parents) in situations like this are honest and want the best for the kids in the program, but unfortunately there's always, always going to be the one who isn't.

After that incident, we (as in the volunteers and myself as a staff member) made regular accountability unavoidable. It was one of the sadder decisions we had to make.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

It's so crushing when people in positions of trust let others down. What a sad case.