Saturday, May 31, 2008


I want to thank the two ladies who picked me for their 'Five Top Blog List'. Stevie and Lavinia, that was very sweet, and I am touched. I'm not going to pick my own five top blogs, because I simply could not. I am currently touching base with about 15 of them on a daily basis, and love them all for entirely different reasons.
I write. I write alot. I'm always tapping out something, whether it be a column, or a short story submission, or a blog entry. I look around and I see things, and they catch my imagination and voila...I'm writing it down. I love life, and I love people. What I love best about blogging is that it has reinforced what I've always, always felt. Each one of us in this world are leading a life. No matter how ordinary we think we are, we are all learning lessons, we are all experiencing things, we are all living lives that are extraordinary in unique ways. The Horseshoeing House Wife and Painted Promise are led into extraordinary opportunities by their big hearts, Bush Babe and Jeanie, and Alice (oh dear...Alice is not on my blog role? I am remiss) are from Australia, and are hilarious as they live their lives from day to day, learning and sharing candidly. Scotty is there as well, observing the world, writing poetry. Another poet, David M.
has introduced me to my own poetic nature. Alison's spirit amazes me. Her adventures in motherhood tickle me, and make me remember when mine were small. Exploring parenthood from a father's point of view is Hal. There's Mike from Megaloi who's always thinking about something. There's Mike from Ifs of Og, whose sudden departure from the world of blogging has his legion of internet stalkers quite concerned. Eamon's story of traveling through Vietnam, A Long Way to Ha Long Bay had me howling. Lavinia Ladyslipper and Stevie Wren live quietly elegant and ladylike lives. I've always had a hankering to live that sort of life, not the slightest idea how one achieves it. So I galumph through my days wearing my work boots, and happy anyways, because I can read about it. Pencil Writer and Mary are probably most like me. Except that Mary is writing a book. The Brummie makes me laugh, she and Hubs and their little dog Sam.
So those are my little circle of friends. Every morning I get up, spend about an hour at my computer with my coffee, getting glimpses into the lives of people that I'll probably never meet. I find things we have in common. I find differences. I find humor. Tears. Wisdom. The whole gamut. Blogging reinforces what I've always felt to be true...that each of our lives is a paragraph. As our lives connect and intersect with the lives of others, our paragraphs become part of a larger chapter. If you are living your life rightly, your chapter will be a lengthy one, as you mingle with folks along the way. Ultimately, all of those chapters feed into the neverending saga of life.
Each of our ordinary lives is extraordinary,
meant to be lived, treasured, endured, used.
Some people take the time to write it down.
I'm glad for that.
I'll bet Jeanie is not glad that she taught me to link.


alice said...

How nice of you to mention me and my inane ramblings, I am so happy that you count me in your circle. I am most humbled.

I hope you have fixed your blogroll, now!

You have also offered me more links to peruse, so I am off to make new friends.

A xx

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Thanks Debby... I am so honoured to make your list and be a link in your chain of life (or at least the virtual section of your life!).

I adore that we can share our passions and pain and find common ground to revel in despite our many differences...

My main aim in life, of course, is to explore some of our differences and have you pet a goanna. I like a challenge!!

debby said...

I do hearby solemnly swear that I will never pet a goanna. Even for you. I might try a bit of your Vegemite sandwich.

In return, I will not make you pet a rat, or pick up a frog.

Oh, Alice. Inane? Have you read my blog?

Hal Johnson said...

A delicious and spot-on post, Debby. And, Jeannie may not be glad that she taught you to link, but I am.

Alison said...

You're a star Debby.
And you're welcome to come visit me and the little people any time :)

Scotty said...

Glad to be part of your daily routine, Debby.


jeanie said...

Debby - I love it when I have made the world a better place, and although it is a small step me teaching you to link moves me that little bit closer, sweetie.

Thanks for including me in your list and daily wandering. I will do my best to make it worth your while again soon...

steviewren said...

Your writing style is always so right on the mark...but this time your words have left me pondering their a quietly elegant and ladylike life? Thank you! I don't believe anyone has ever described me like that before. I can only hope to live up to that description.

Pencil Writer said...

Wow! Thank you for including me. I guess we do enjoy many of the same things and various persectives. I check your blog just about every day, also and enjoy the deep insights, the humor and the pictures--verbal and photographic, and several of the other bloggers you mentioned.

Thanks again and keep on truckin'!

Redlefty said...

Everbody contributes in their own perfect way!