Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bambi's Mother

Fear not.


Alison said...

I will sleep easy tonight, thanks to you Deb.
Very cute!

Mary Paddock said...

Every year the Missouri Department of Conservation publishes the same article in local papers reminding that a fawn that seems to be abandoned rarely is and that making pets out of them is rarely--if ever--a good idea.

debby said...

Interestingly enough, two years ago, a doe was killed by a car in front of our house. She left two tiny twin fawns. I was just sick about it, but waited to see what nature did. As tiny as they were, they came each night to our yard to graze. They did not get hit by cars, and they survived their first hunting season (I told my hunter that this pair was off limits.) They survived winter, coming back to the yard, still together from time to time. We've lost track of them, but I wonder if this fawn belongs to one of them. Mother Nature can best take care of her own. You are right. The biggest damage occurs when someone feels that they know best.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

That kitten's expression is so cute!