Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Woman for Tim

Tim and my brother-in-law, Dave and I were sitting around the new house having lunch, with a college girl, Abby. Abby is not related to us, but she is one of 'ours' all the same. She's earning extra money, working with us. My sister, Eileen, was there, having spent the day with me bundling trees, seedlings, and plants for our annual fundraiser at the conservation district. We had just arrived with the bags containing supper and to work a few hours.
We're eating supper talking quietly, about this and that. Suddenly Eileen says, "Oh, guess what Tim? I got you a concubine today." Dave's eyes get big. My sandwich stops halfway to my mouth, as I stare at her, wondering where this particular line of conversation will lead. Completely unaware, my sister continues. "You can plant it this weekend." Tim looks quite interested in what she has to say next. Usually, Abby is quite a chatterbox. She just looks dumbfounded, eyes darting between me and Tim and my sister. She doesn't say a word.
It blurts out of me. "What are you talking about?"
Eileen looks a little confused.
"The plant that Judy gave me for helping out at the plant sale..."
"Eileen," I explain. "That's called a columbine."
Tim looks crestfallen.


Alison said...

Poor Abby - I hope she's recovered!
And Tim, too. lol

jeanie said...

ha ha - very simple mistake, Deb!

alice said...

Haha! That's so funny. I love listening to pople talk and the language people use. Often the wrong words, in the wrong context, and with great conviction. It makes me feel better - I am not the only one!

Thanks so much for visiting my bog. Your words on my 'dad' post were very touching. I am glad to be able to come visit here, and I will come back again, you can be sure.

Stay safe