Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What the ????!!!!

I guess I got what was coming to me. Grown 50 year old woman running through a parking lot and crouching in bushes and leaping in the back of a pick up and laying there getting jounced and bounced by the driver who is a nutwad of the very finest caliber. I'm sitting here in the very first throes of a cold. Although I know that colds are caused by viruses and not by exposure to a chill wind, I still am enduring this patiently as my just desserts.
I do not think that I'm having a hard time understanding this news story because my head is stuffed, and I'm sneezing and my eyes are watering, and I want nothing more than to curl up with a good book in a comfy warm bed. I'm pretty sure that this article is hard to understand because it simply doesn't make sense.
I'm pretty laid back. I have all sort of friends. I know some gay people. I know they're gay because other people just feel like they've got to tell me. Me? I don't give a rat's behind. I see it like this: I don't care whether you're gay or straight. I just don't want to know what you do in bed or who you do it with. Not my business. The less that I know about other people's sex life, the better it works for me. It's not because I'm a prude. I just consider some things to be private. I don't ask questions, I accept people for who they are. If I don't like you, there's a perfectly logical reason...and it will have nothing to do with your sexual preferences.
Pregnancy. I loved being pregnant. I actually had a real talent for gestating. I believe that I raised it to the level of art. It was such a natural and ponderous, wonderous time. So it isn't
the pregnancy part.
I just can't seem to wrap my aching, stuffed up head around this one.


jeanie said...

Each to their own, I suppose. Where is the "April Fools Day" tagline?

PaintedPromise said...

ack. couldn't say it better myself! just... ack.

and i am NOT sick either!

debby said...

But why is this going around the world labeled 'the world's first pregnant man?'. I could call myself an elderberry bush. I could insist that I was an elderberry bush. I could have branches grafted to my head. BUT I STILL WOULD NOT BE AN ELDERBERRY BUSH!

Pencil Writer said...

Debby, you make me laugh! And I totally agree. I'm suffering with similar ailments, and now the nasty cure-phase. yuck and double yuck. Or Ack, as you said.

Elderberry bushes are nice.


I do hope you recover soon. I'm commiserating wid you.

Mike said...

Debby, I appreciate your impulse for privacy, but aren't you overlooking the fact sex has become a governmental affair? Gay marriage, sex ed, Viagra coverage by Medicare, etc:

It seems there are Feds in the bedroom.

debby said...

Mike, maybe your friend in Nashville could write a catchy little song about the Feds beneath our beds! Pencil Writer, I'm fond of elderberry bushes myself. I don't however, believe that I 'r' one. What we have is a woman who's had some surgery to change her appearance who calls herself a man, who is having a child. This person might feel herself 'male' to the very core of her being, but she is, physically, a woman. What he/she's doing becomes unremarkable. But the world is running with this whole world's first pregnant man. I STILL DON'T GET IT! And I'm not sick today.

Pencil Writer said...

I'm with you on the pregnant "man" thing. It's absurd. I'm quoting a bit of a document that states pretty clearly what I believe about gender/crossed gender/goofy, misguided sexual aberrations:

"All human beings—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose."

Nuff said. And, glad you're not sick today. I'm even feeling better myself.