Monday, April 7, 2008

Sound Off

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I took my Sunday School class out to take a look at what I'd discovered on Saturday, that beneath the dead leaves, new life was uncurling. I wanted let them ponder how wonderfully designed our world is.
But when I got to class, I discovered it was a larger than normal class...and all of them boys. I worry about taking a large class out on my own, but had no other lesson plan in mind, so out the door we went. I had them 'fall in' and taught them a quick cadence with a Biblical slant (made up on the spot) and off we marched. This gave me some measure of confidence that they would not suddenly break ranks, head off in a half dozen directions and become the headline of our small town newspaper the next day. 'SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER CHARGED WHEN STUDENT HIT BY CAR' (or drowned in the creek, or some such catastrophic thing). My little plan worked like a charm. They marched, single file, had a great time doing it, were interested in the lesson, and anxious to fall back in and march back to church.
We were in our classroom counting out our money to St. Judes when the Sunday School superintendent walked in. She keeps a close eye on me. I tend to veer off the curriculum. Sometimes she is called upon to explain, which is actually sad. I'd be plenty happy to explain myself. Anyhow, the boys excitedly begin to tell her of our adventure. She is smiling.
"So tell me the song you marched to," she said.
And one of the more lively beasts shouted out:
"I don't know, but I believe;
Someone's pee'd in my canteen;
Sound off..."
I stare at him in shock, never having heard that cadence in my life. I shoot a quick look at the Sunday School superintendent.
Funny thing.
She was smiling just a minute ago.
Now she's not.


Alison said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny!
Sounds like a fabulous lesson though.

Mary Paddock said...

Great lesson. Terrific story. Hands on is the way to go with kids and especially boys! LOL!

I like having curriculum as a jumping off point, but I'm forever filling in the blanks with my own stuff. Sometimes I think the people who create curriculum didn't have real everyday kids in mind when they designed it. Sometimes I decide the lesson is just dumb and create my own based on the theme.

I wish I'd come up with the following idea myself: Another teacher I spoke with had her students go on a scavenger hunt around the church grounds. Once they found a requested item they returned to the teacher for a slip of paper with a single word on it. The first team to get all the slips of paper and put them in order(it was a memory verse) won the game.