Friday, April 11, 2008


Family meeting held last night. It was well attended. Both parties sat looking at each other across the table saying things like "Well, sometimes I get mad and say things that I don't mean."
Cara seemed embarrassed that she used the 'f' word. I got to say, "I don't want either one of you running to me to complain unless you're willing to voice that complaint to the other's face." Mostly they sat there and said, "What do we need to say to make this meeting be done?" Valid question. Mostly, I just want my peaceable little house back.
So I made them talk until I felt like it was.
When it was time to go to bed,
there were kindly uttered 'good nights'.
It's strange being back at work full time. My winter hours were 24 hours a week. I've been busy this week planning an event for the children's fun fair. A local newspaper reporter e-mailed to say that he had been attacked by a large mosquito and what was I going to do about that? I'm pretty lucky. One of the seminars that I had attended at our annual meeting is how to get public information in the paper. West Nile Virus and mosquitoes are pretty deadly dull. If it ever gets exciting and front page, this means that we have a big problem. Preventative measures are the big deal. I guess that I'm lucky to live in a small town, with a small paper, and with an amiable reporter who gets hold of me to find out what's shaking.
I don't have to plot and strategize.
Which is good. I suck at strategy.
I have a meeting with the National Forest representative. I did a presentation for them last week. I found that there are two sewage treatment plants in the county that I did not know about. Mosquitoes like sewage treatment plants. Excellent breeding sites. Which is why I inspect them twice a month and keep them treated if necessary.
That's the crappy part of my job, I suppose.
The old house is being jacked up and floors leveled. That's hard work. Dirty work. The house makes huge, alarming groanings from deep within itself. Kinda scary. Being that this past week has been a week that's heard some pretty huge and alarming groanings emanating from my own self (kinda scary), I find myself in sympathy with my old house. But the thing is, the floors are leveling nicely, and the new supports are actually making it stronger. Writing about bi-polar disorders and speaking openly about it for the first time (it helps that you are all faceless strangers to me...) has really been cathartic. But the support has been wonderful. I was contacted by a mother whose daughter had just been diagnosed, asking for information. I have not heard back from her, and I
hope that all is well.
For all my groaning, I, too, feel like I am leveling nicely.
The new supports might be making me stronger.
So that's it really.
I feel like the dust is settling here.
Life goes on.
Oh-bla-dee, oh-bla-da.


Hal Johnson said...

Wishing you further leveling, and I hope that dust continues to settle.

jeanie said...

Actually he is right, Debbie - your "random" post does have a sort of thematic rhythm to it!

smoothed the family
sorted the paper
sniffed the plants
supported the house restructure
found and gave support to mothers reaching out

la la la la life goes on!

Mary Paddock said...

What interesting sounding work you have. 'Glad the family meeting went well.

Pencil Writer said...

Being the mediator is sometimes a thankless seeming job. I'm not good at it. You dun good!

I think family meetings are an excellent and essential function of families and hence, society in general.

I'm constantly amazed by families who DO NOT even teach their children social skills, don't give them rules to live by, have consequences for misbehavior--and then years down the road wonder and complain because their kids are totally out of control, etc., etc.

Keep hanging in there, Debby, and thanks for showing/sharing things from your life that help us focus on good things we need to do, too!

debby said...

Jeanie...sniffing the plants? The sewage treatment plants? Um. Not hardly. Funny woman!