Friday, April 18, 2008


I was getting ready for work when Cara walks in the bathroom and says, "Do I look alright?" I looked at her. She was wearing a tee with a vee-neck that was a little deeper than I'd ever seen her wear. I said, "I've never seen that tee before."
Turns out that she borrowed it from Sarah.
She needed a nice tee to wear.
She had to dress up.
According to her, she has no nice tees.
I sighed.
But I digress.
Anyways, I said, "What's the occasion? And she said, "Don't you remember? Bill Clinton is coming to Warren. I'm going to hear him talk." I pointed to her bedroom door. "Back to your room and don't you come out until you've found a turtleneck!"
That was a joke.
I don't have a lot to worry about here because, sadly, my daughter is a Republican. She's going to see Bill because, after all, this is history. She's going to teach history one day. So she'll go to see Bill Clinton, so that, one day, she can tell children that she did. In the unlikely event that he'd speak to her, perhaps invite her to lunch, the beast would fix him with a sad and sorrowful look, much like the one she gave me, and she would say, in sonorous tones, just like she said to me: "I've got to say. You disappoint me. How can you be a Democrat?"
I voted for Bill Clinton. He actually was a good president. He did what I elected him to do. It always amazed me that such a good leader would have such poor self control. The media is a hot bright light and there are no shadows. He should have kept his pants zipped. For all of that, however, I think it wasn't our business to know about his indiscretions. I think it was a private matter between him and his wife. I really think if the media would have stayed out of it, Hillary would have fixed him. No pun intended. Instead, the media went into a frenzy. For weeks, you didn't dare turn it on with a small child in the room. I tried to explain this one, in an e-mail to an acquaintance. It was late. I was tired. I described the media hullaballoo as overblown. Terse reply back. He had copied "The whole thing was overblown" and added, "Will reply properly when I stop rolling on the floor in laughter." He possesses a very quick mind, and I always re-read my e-mails before hitting send. Not sure how I missed that one.
But I digress.
I've got a daughter who's a Republican going to see Bill Clinton, who I voted for. I can't vote for Hillary. I can't stand her when she talks. I can't stand what she says. I can't stand her innuendo. Sorry. She reminds me of a female Richard Nixon. She wants to claim the experience of her husband's presidency, but if she is criticized for something that happened during his time at the helm, she's screaming 'Unfair!' I'm not voting for Hillary next week.
But I digress.
Cara came home from school that night to tell us that Mr. Clinton is a wonderful orator. He spoke so much about what Hillary was going to do for us all here in Podunk, Pennsylvania. He spoke about her commitment to jobs, and to education, and to the poor, and to the handicapped. It went on for some time.
Cara said, "You really walked out of there thinking "Yes! I'm voting for Hillary." She mused. "That is the sign of a truly great speaker."
When it was time to leave, a mother tried to push her son's wheelchair to the front of the crowd so that he could shake Bill Clinton's hand. By the time she got there, Bill Clinton had passed. A secret service man went to Bill and spoke with him, gesturing toward the little boy. Bill Clinton continued on without looking back.
Cara said, "The magic faded."
There is no happy ending here though.
Cara is still a Republican.
Luckily, a mother's love is unconditional.


jeanie said...

Oh poor you Deb!

I always got miffed about the hullabaloo about Bill because the inquest was meant to be about him getting someone to lie for him (which, it turns out, he did) but instead became about something more - ummm - palatable like adultery. The good news is that he didn't inhale.

Debby said...