Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out to vote

Happy birthday to Hal and Jeanie. It just kind of tickles me to think that Hal's big day is Tuesday, April 22nd. Jeanie's big day is Wednesday, April 23rd. Because of the international time line, I can wish them both a happy birthday on the same day.
'And that's all she wrote.'
The polls open at 7 and I'm casting my vote for change. You know, I've heard a lot about Obama and his naivite. I guess that I'm pretty naive as well. I think this: We've actually had a lot of experienced people running the show here. I don't think that experience has done us all that much good.
Usually, by the time Pennsylvania gets to vote in a primary, it has ceased to matter...there is usually a clear cut winner.
It's going to be an exciting day.


Hal Johnson said...

Aw heck, Debby, I guess I wasn't very clear in my comment. I meant that I'm 364 days older than you, not Tim. I'll turn 52 on May 20th. But cool, and thanks:maybe this way I'll get two birthday wishes.

I still haven't decided which way I'll vote. A friend once said, "Hal, you're the only guy I know who manages to be militantly wishy-washy." But it's certainly the most interesting political race we've had in a good while. When it comes to poise and overall communication skills, I have to give it to Obama hands down.

There's hope that we'll one day reach a certain maturity as a society. After all, when I first started voting in the '70's, the idea that a woman and a black man could be front-runners in a presidential contest would have been sheer fantasy. Maybe, despite all of the indications to the contrary, we're actually getting somewhere.

jeanie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes - you got mine right!

Good luck on picking someone who will govern well and move your country towards your wants and needs.