Thursday, April 3, 2008

Old Yeller

I'm feeling much better today.
If yesterday was indeed my just desserts,
the horseplay of April 1st was surely worth it.
I took my sister to her doctor's appointment this morning. It's about a 40 minute drive. One of our 'traditions' when we're there is to check out the second hand clothing stores. They were selling out their winter sweaters for 25 cents each. So I was looking through the things while listening to another shopper going on about her troubles. She's been sick. The doctors have got her on new medication. Her boyfriend is sick. He's on new medication too. He should not be drinking but he is. Her boyfriend's mother and she got into a huge fight about this, because his mama wants to baby her son, and she'll let him drink. So he's getting drunk and it's affecting his health and his poor health is affecting her health, and now she's so stressed that she's on 'nerve pills', and her doctor is very concerned about her poor health, and he's the only one, because, Lord knows, her boyfriend and his family could not care less, just burdening her
with all these stressful situations...."
and on it went.
To me. the solution to her problem seems so clear that I really can't see how she can miss it.
The thing is, she probably sees it too.
What is it that causes people to cling so tightly to something that's not working,
that is making them miserable?
Is she addicted to the drama?
Is she addicted to the sympathy that she gets from others when
she tells them her long and sad story?
Is she so poor that she can't afford to be on her own?
I study her from the corner of my eye.
She is an angry looking person,
probably close to my age,
dressed poorly,
with an ironic bow in her hair,
adding a touch of childhood to to an furious, disappointed life.
I would like to take her aside and make her understand that I also have my own time when I clung as tightly as I could to something that was not working. And when it was done, I thought that my life had ended. Seemed like it. Couldn't see past it to visualize any kind of future at all. But there was one, waiting right around the corner. She needs to make her own life choices with a mind that her own future is waiting,
By the time that I leave the store, she's got herself worked up to a furious pitch, and people are beginning to stare. I know for a fact that there's no sense in saying a thing.
She's a yeller.
She's not a listener.
I'm in yet another store with my sister, when this woman enters.
And begins her story again.
Her life is half over and the foolish woman is wasting it.

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I'm Mikey said...

Wow, the things you write are just profound. So very very true. By the time (if) that woman wakes up, she will have wasted her life being miserable. Sad...but true