Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh my God

When the phone rings at our house after 10 PM, my response is always, "Uh oh." I assume that something is wrong. It was Johnna, one of Cara's friends. She asked if Cara were there. Cara and Johnna had been at a birthday party the previous night. Cara was pooped and had gone to bed early. She staggered out of her bedroom half awake to take the phone. That's how we discovered that last night, one of Cara's classmates was dead.
No one knew.
Down over our hill.
What happened?
No one knew for sure, but it was bad, really, really bad.
I stood there watching her receive this news. For the second time in three days, Cara drops the 'f' bomb in front of the parental units.I think this one thing. I am so glad, so very, very glad that she was taking this call before my very eyes. I cannot imagine hearing this news and not knowing, even for a second where my own child was. We live in a small town, and I know phones are ringing all over the valley, up and down the mountains, all across the county.
Parents, everywhere, got a snippet of news.
'Oh my God, oh my God, where is my child?!!!!!'
All over, cell phones were ringing and our children were saying,
"What? No. I'm okay. What's the matter?"
Two sets of parents did not get that same comfort. Cara's classmate died last night. Her boyfriend died as he was being life-flighted. Last night two sets of parents got the most horrible news of their lives.
Oh my God, oh my God.


I'm Mikey said...

Dang. That's a very harsh thing. The absolute worst for a parent. My prayers are with them. That's the one phone call I never want to get...

jeanie said...

Oh goodness - what a sad rite of passage for her. And those poor parents.

Alison said...

Gosh, the terror of late night phone calls.
Sending healing thoughts and prayers.

Scotty said...

That's terrible news, Debby please pass my condolences to Cara.

PaintedPromise said...

Oh my God is right! i'm so sorry...