Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday All Day

It's been so gorgeous, weather-wise, that it was kind of hard waking up to a cold rain, temps in the 40s. To make matters worse, it was 3:30 and the weather change had brought on a wicked, stomach turning headache. I tried to go back to sleep but could not, so I finally got up, took a couple pills which guaranteed that going back to sleep was not an option. By the time the alarm went off an hour later, I was getting the idea it was not going to be a great day.
Before I even had my morning cup, there was a great tragedy. How lucky we are that we can not see what the future holds for us. Still, I couldn't help was Sunday morning when I'd last shared time with the dearly departed. If I'd have only known, would I not have savored those last moments? *quavering sigh* Damn. I'm really going to miss that cappuccino machine. I love my morning cup. *small tear*
But the show must go on. I kept a stiff upper lip (except for the quavering sighs and small tears).
I got ready for work, and dragged my caffeine deprived, shortsleeped, aching head self to work.
Because I'm noble like that.
Also they have a coffee pot there.
Really, though, mainly it was that I was so noble.
So I put the flag up at the new building and dragged my mosquito larva into the office (I'd gone dipping for larva Sunday morning, right after church. In heels. How's THAT for noble?), only to discover that this day was not going to get better any time soon. We had a coffee maker. We were, unfortunately, out of coffee. The tears got somewhat larger, and my mood got somewhat darker.
The good news is, I survived this day. No coworkers were injured in the making of this horror, although one or two might have been considering killing me (and I was considering letting them). I think I may have scared the new guy some.
I headed out the door for home. I made up my mind. I was stopping at a store before heading home. I was buying a coffee maker. Further more, I was not going to comparison shop. (If you knew me, you'd know that this was a sign of my desperation.)
Guess WHAT?
Walmart here does not sell cappuccino machines. I thought that Walmart sold everything. I've never gone to Walmart and not been able to find what I needed. I was stupified, and not just from the lack of coffee, either.
I went to K-mart. I stay away from K-Mart because Tim's sister works there, and she's a snotty thing. But I was desperate. I'd take on snot. I needed my caffeine. As it turned out, I didn't see the sister. I did see my cappuccino machine. None left on the shelf, display had pieces missing. There was no box. Looking it over, I thought that I'd take it anyway. I had the pieces I needed at home, and I ought to be able to get a good price on it. Triumphantly, I grabbed it from the shelf and headed off. Halfway to the register, I noticed that the frothing tube had been broken off. That wasn't going to work. I was out of luck.
*quavering sigh*
No coffee pot.
It's supposed to snow tomorrow.
It was Monday all day today.
It looks like it might be Monday again tomorrow.


co_heir said...

A whole day without coffee? I feel your pain. :(

I think Target has decent coffee makers, if there's one near you.

debby said...

Nope. No Target. Nearest one of those is 1 1/2 hours away in Erie. There are definate benefits to living in the woods. However, in time of crisis there are drawbacks. I'll just take fresh ground coffee to work until I can get out this weekend.

Hal Johnson said...


Alison said...

Oh no. Debby, that is a very UN kewl Monday!
I have everything crossed that you had a better Tuesday. I'll even have an extra coffee for you. Unless me mentioning drinking coffee make you want to hurt me. In which case, never mind.

debby said...

What?!!!! Not one of you share?

Pencil Writer said...

I love the smell of coffee! I don't partake, but I know I've seen folks who deal with your pain. Do hope TUESDAY is a GREAT day. (No more than ONE Monday allowed per week--is only fair!)

Redlefty said...

It took me until the age of 30 to discover coffee. Caffeine in general, really.

I'm on the way to conversion.

debby said...

Redlefty - If you had been awake, you'd have discovered caffeine before you were 30. PW - Smelling coffee is not going to do it...I have to sip. Gulp. Swig. Whatever.

Mary Paddock said...

I'm here to tell you, in a pinch, coffee grounds, a paper towel, and a sauce pan with a lid will do.

The coffee pot not working this house is paramount to a nuclear disaster. It means a rushed trip to the nearest store to buy at least a stand-in.

For me, a morning without caffeine is just . . . well . . . you know the little girl in the Exorcist? It's worse.

debby said...

Ooh. I don't think I'm THAT bad. Let me ask Tim.

He's never seen The Exorcist. He also says that I'm not bad in the morning. Hm. I'd always thought he was honest.

jeanie said...

Oh, I am a tea drinker until 9, and then I am not that much of a snob that quality instant or stove coffee won't fit the bill!

Hope you get your fix-fixer fixed soon!

Fastfingers said...

No coffee ALL DAY! Isn't that against human rights or something?

Some Mondays are like that aren't they, as if Mondays aren't bad enough as it is without it sleeplessness, headache and No Coffee thrown in as well.

Hope Tuesday was better.

debby said...

FF Twarn't.

Jeanie: Sadly, I'm ashamed to say I'm a snob. I like my morning cappuccino, and don't want to waste money on a coffee maker when what I really want is a cappuccino machine. So I'm drinking instant. It's bad. Really bad. Reeeeeeeeally bad. *whimper*