Friday, April 25, 2008


Today, I was outside.
The redwing blackbirds watched me traipsing through 'their' field. They protect their nests pretty aggressively. Today I didn't get close enough to get divebombed. Today, I wandered through the fields, farther and farther from the road. The cacophony of modern life retreated, and I heard the birds. I heard the wind in the reeds. I heard the rumbles of very distant thunder. My heart quieted as I listened to these things. Today, I am listening to the same sounds that have been heard for generations come and gone before me.
Today, I am hearing what they heard yesterday,
and last year,
and last decade,
and last century,
and before the white man came.
And within the ageless, unchanging mutterings of this world,
I heard the voice of God.

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JJ said...

Hello! This is beautiful :)