Friday, April 25, 2008


My oldest daughter will be home any minute, with her new knight in tow. They are moving to Florida. She thinks life will be better there. I listen to her plans quietly.
I want to be happy for her.
Brianna is looking for a new life.
She wants the same things that you and I take for granted.
Money enough to pay the bills,
put food on the table,
put gas in the car.
She dreams of owning a home one day.
Bush Babe wrote a recent post on bunyips, monsters of aboriginal folklore. Bunyips live only in the water in Australia. Stay away from the water, stay away from Australia, and the bunyips will not trouble you. Unlike bunyips, untreated bi-polar disorder will raise up with gruesome and blood curdling howls to snatch my child where ever she is. Until she learns to fight it. Until she sees the need to fight it.
Brianna's problems will follow her to Florida.
I wish I could make her see
that the problem is not Michigan,
just like the problem wasn't Pennsylvania.
I've got 36 hours with Brianna. I will try to be happy, but inside I will be alert, stepping cautiously, listening intently for the gruesome and bloodcurdling roars of the beast. Unlike bunyips, this one is real. I've met him before. He travels with my girl. He'll take her, and in the struggle, everyone around her will suffer at the hands of the beast.


Mary Paddock said...

I have a much-loved friend who I watched go through a lot of this, though she was on meds, but not the right ones--kept the depressions at bay, but not the highs and her impulse control was poor (didn't pay her rent once so she could buy a $400 dog she saw on the internet, and another time, while she was pregnant with her third, moved her entire family into a teepee--in the Ozarks, in February, during a snow storm-- because she decided it was time to live off the grid. She was the one I referred to as constantly moving her family around because things had to be better somewhere else. In her case, she has an extraordinarily high IQ, is greatly gifted, and an enviable ability to sell herself (Got jobs you usually need a college degree to get, blew employers' minds with her skills, but would quit when she was no longer challenged or when she was bored--sometimes just months into it). I will pray your daughter has the same moment of realization my friend did, that at some point she will wake up and see what she's doing. I suspect something's got to come along that she cares about more than she does herself before the light will come on. So I will pray for that.

I will also pray for your peace of mind. Debby, God has his hand on your daughter.

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Hang in there my friend and mend what you can with your love... she is a woman. Hugs and clouds of calmness being sent your way!