Saturday, April 26, 2008


'It is said that religion is for people scared of hell, spirituality for people who have already been there.'
Is it just me, or is this possibly
the most mind-blowing,
jaw dropping
truth that you've ever encountered?
I'll be stumbling around with a distant look in my eyes,
with this niggling around at the back of my mind.


Hal Johnson said...

I'll have to think on whether that one ranks as number one for me, but it certainly rings true.

alice said...

I'll have to figure out what it means, first ;)

Redlefty said...

The very word "religious" in the bible was the greek word for "dreads demons". So fear was actually part of the word.

I plan to write about it this week (or next... life may intervene).

It's definitely a mind-blowing concept!

debby said...

I'll be looking for it, Redlefty. You're an interesting charactor. Gave me plenty to think about. Still cogitating.