Friday, April 18, 2008

The Elephant in the Room

There are a lot of houses for sale here. Lots. We bought one at the first of the year for $13,500. It is sturdy, structurally sound, two apartments, river view, back deck.
I couldn't believe it.
You could not have done that a year ago.
Gas prices went from $3.37 yesterday morning to $3.51 on my way home from work the same day.
The shock of it made me gasp out loud.
Tim did not get a paycheck this week. His company could not make payroll. They do machining work for other companies. One of those companies laid off 100 people a couple weeks ago. Another company claims that they sent their check. Tim's company has not received it. Another check will be issued when they figure out what happened to the first. This is the second time that Tim's company could not make payroll since he's been there.
The cost of fertilizer has tripled since last year.
Farmers are hard hit by this.
It could be worse.
After all, we could be in a recession.
We're not, they say.


jeanie said...

Oh hugs Deb.

debby said...

No, no, don't feel badly for us, Jeanie. We're in a pretty secure situation. It's shocking, but we'll be fine. I worry about the kids though.

alice said...

Oh my goodness. For a company to not make payroll, that's pretty awful. Do they not have facility for overdraft? Irrespective of the company's position, their workers should always, always be paid.

debby said...

Just to ease minds...the company did make payroll this week. This has happened twice this year, and it makes it hard to decide: stay with the company? Move on? Temporary problem? Death throes of yet another company?