Monday, April 14, 2008


I was shocked to find that Foreigner's summer tour is being sponsored by AARP. That is the Association for the Advancement of Retired People. As hard as it is for me to imagine, there is a certain rightness to it. "Long, Long Way From Home" fits the lifestyle of many retirees who head off to Florida every winter.
I was amazed to find myself humming along the piped in music at the grocery store. It was the Moody Blues 'Nights in White Satin'. I wonder what they did with Frank Sinatra and Brenda Lee? That was the kind of music my mother hummed along to while she shopped. I used to think that was weird and hung back a little so that people wouldn't guess we were together. Here's a strange thing.
The day that I was humming away to myself in the grocery store,
I lost Cara.
That was kind of aggravating.
She was with me when we walked in the door...
Then she was gone.
It surprises me that the very same music that I used to listen to as my parents shrieked in the background, the same music that was considered the antithesis of everything good and American, is now being used to sell products ranging from cars to hair care products. The counter culture anthems have now become mainstream.
My friend Mary is having her gall bladder removed next week.
Until now, I always thought of that as 'old people' surgery.
I was waiting at the deli counter the other day, and a woman peered closely at me, and asked me if I were Debby (maiden name). Since I have not had that name for about 30 years, I was taken aback. She told me her name, and a face from the past sprang to mind. I peered closely back at her, and yes, there that face was. More mature, glasses, different but the same. We went for coffee and showed pictures of our adult children.
How strange it is that the whole world has changed so much, that my old friends are, well...getting older. I'm glad this hasn't happened to me.
Except for the hair coloring...
the 10 extra menopausal pounds that come and go...
There's the reading glasses thing...
and the fine line reducing make up...
there's the flipping mustache waxing...
Except for a few things, I'm exactly the same.
Pretty much.


Pencil Writer said...

Yes! Funny how everyone ELSE is aging and we're just . . . trucking along . . . feeling a little less able to do a little this and little that.

But man! Has everyone else gotten older!

I remember when my mother-in-law began complaining that her wrists just weren't as strong when she was trying to handle a big, black, iron skillet. I distinctly remember thinking, "that won't happen to me. I'm so strong and I'll keep cooking" like she didn't? "and that just won't happen to me." Ha! And again I say, HA! My stupid wrists have rebelled (read: re--bell--ed)! They're making me a liar. Not fair!

Oh, the unfairness of aging. But, hey! We got one thing the younger set does not. We got the experience and wisdom. Right? Tell me we got the wisdom!

debby said...

Wisdom? Where can I get me some of that? ;^D

Pencil Writer said...

Come to think of it, Debby . . . Even now I ask my children for some of theirs (wisdom, that is.) And, surprisingly, they HAVE some! I'm so proud of them! Of course, they still need Mom to help them with problems, too. I guess we all grow at different speeds in each different area of our lives. Sharing is nice.

Thanks to you for the tidbits of wisdom/observations you share with us!

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

You are a funny woman!! I love visiting you as I never quite know what I'm going to get... I am currently going through the whole "Jeez, am I THAT old" scenario too! Hair colour, check. Reading glasses, check. And someone pulled a hair out of my chin this weekend... sob! Ah well. At least we have our sense of humour, style and taste in music! (Neil Diamond even got a run yesterday... gads!)

jeanie said...

What I hate is how the numbers keep growing. I remembered something from "the other day" recently, and when asked for a specification realised that "the other day" was about 27 years ago. It never used to be that long!

Loved this post.

debby said...

BB Funny haha or funny strange? I get both. You got one hair pulled from your chin? Oh cripes. I have to WAX. (No, no, no, I'm not talking furniture here, woman!) Jeanie...gotta say...27 years...that IS a long day...

PaintedPromise said...

yeah, i find i am turning into my mother. in all the ways i DIDN'T want to!

debby said...

Turning into my mother is bad enough, but when I see the chin hairs, I remember how proud my father was of his beard. Gak.