Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Foolery

Today was a fun day at work. I shot my boss a quick e-mail to tell her that co-worker Josh got a DUI, that it was in the paper. Since this would affect his ability to drive the shop truck, it would also affect his job. This is a big deal. It's also an April Fool joke. Next thing I know she's shooting past my desk to snatch up the newspaper.
April Fool on her.
We all went out for lunch and had a great time. We told the waitress that Wes was paying for all 7 of the women with him. "We're his harem," I said. Liz, his wife, said "He's a Mormon." "Old-order," I helpfully explain. "And next time we're bringing all the chilluns." Wes blushed. For a long time. He looked so abashed,
I gave him my poppyseed muffin.
We laughed ourselves silly during lunch. Eating salad, talking about just any old thing, laughing and having a fine time.
Heather and Laura tried to fool us on the way out the door. They moved the truck to the different side of the restaurant. We caught on. A few more hijinks in the parking lot. I climbed into the bed of the truck. Heather drove back to the office hitting every bump and taking corners sharp, just to make sure that I had a rough ride.
It was a warm spring-like day today. The snow is nearly gone. I feel as carefree as any child laughing with friends, romping outside,
acting the fool.
Dear God, everybody needs days like today,
regardless of how old they are.


Alison said...

tehehe.. That sounds like so much fun. Nothing like some harmless but utterly laughable pranks to get the spirits soaring.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Sounds like a great day Deb. You're right. Everybody needs days like those.