Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

Did you ever get the urge to try something that you'd never tried before?
For no other particular reason than that:
that you had not done it before?
You start out all excited at the novelty of the situation.
You work at it, excited to find a side to yourself that you never even realized existed.
Then suddenly, you're on stage.
In a hoop skirt.
A line is spoken.
You know your line is next...
and you draw a blank.
I now understand how a deer in the headlights feels.
What the hell was I thinking?
From now on, I 'll just pay for the ticket.


Alison said...

Oh dear, that doesn't sound very exhilarating..
Good on you for stepping outside your comfort zone, though!

jeanie said...

Oh Debs!

I remember my first ever stage performance had that same moment in it. Did you get past yours?

Mary Paddock said...

Scary-fun, huh?

I wish we had a community theater here.

debby said...

Gah! I thought that it was in my comfort zone, except for the pictures in the paper, Alison. Jeanie: I remembered the line after a 20 minute intermission (not really, but it seemed like forever...) Not sure that I am 'past it'. I have scared myself so badly that I've decided I don't want to do the play, and am forcing myself to do the right thing. Mary: Community theater would be a wonderful thing for your community. You need to set one up. Right this very minute. I'll be right there to help. I'm sure that they'll understand the importance of my mission and find someone else to be 'Lucretia Mott'. After all, they've got three days to learn the lines. It's not like I bailed at the last minute.

jeanie said...

Hey Debs - me again - tagging you for that six word memoir meme - of course, you do not HAVE to do it (I mean, what am I going to do, come over and MAKE you?).

Pencil Writer said...

What's worse than that is having written the play and drawing a blank while you, as one of the main characters, forgets a line! Of course, I was in high school then and that's the only play I've ever acted in. But, forgetting lines is more universal than you might think. I'm sure you covered the blank--perhaps with help from your co-stars? Keep working at it and you'll get better. Whatever the endeavor.

But, it really stinks when you write a play and can't remember lines!

Scotty said...

I know the feeling.

I went naked in public once. Scared lotsa kids and made some wildlife laugh.

Ya live and ya learn.


debby said...

Well, Scotty, based on your valuable life experience, I'll just skip going naked in public.
Rehearsal last night was okay. I missed my cue in the same place. But we've all hammered it out, repeating the scene until I got it right. They're an awfully patient bunch. Or maybe they're acting. Hard to say. They told me to expect a 'let down' once the play is done and over. I don't think so. I expect relief.

Mike said...

Gosh, Debby. Your experience brings back exruciating memories. Don't feel alone. Memorization sucks! I eventually came up with several things to do or say to cover for my bad self.