Friday, March 28, 2008

Some of the People in My Life

Reflecting on my life because Jeanie and the Pencil Writer tagged me, I began to count my blessings and wax sentimental about the people in my life that I love the very most. I collected their pictures. I'm not clever like some. I thought it would be cool to have Genesis playing 'Turn it on Again' but have no clue how to do it. You will have to have to hum it in your head.
Begin now.

This is my husband Tim, the changer of my world. Our last name is, ironically, used in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It is the safe retreat in the mountains. Tim is my safe place. We live in the mountains. I've been secure in my safe place for nearly 10 years now.

This is my oldest daughter, Brianna. She lives in Michigan. She is beloved and the focus of earnest prayers.

This is Stacey. She is in Basic Training. Yeah. We're doing a lot of praying for Stacey, too. She's 25, one year younger than Brianna.
And this is Mike. Mike's 22. He lives nearby. He's a forester, but cannot find employment in that field so he works in a local steel mill. He regaled us with a horrible industrial accident he witnessed. It involved severed body parts. Gak. We pray a lot for Mike.

This is my son Dylan. He is 21. He lives on the other side of the state. He is hilarious. He has uncommon good sense, except for the whole tattoo incident, but he's a boy with a zest for living. He grabs life by the horns and runs. There's plenty of breathless praying for this one as well.

And this is, of course, Cara. She is 18. On the verge of greatness, grappling with choices, stepping out into the world. Hilarious, strong willed, smart. Oh my God, how we pray for this one!


And these are the people in my life.


You can stop humming now.

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Anonymous said...

"And these are the people in my life".

I enjoyed reading about them. Thanks.

David Mascellani