Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Morning Laugh

Okay. You all know that mornings are not my best time. Some mornings are worse than others.
So here's a laugh for your Monday morning.
A pirate captain is standing on the deck of his ship with his cabin boy when the first mate rushes up to tell him that a hostile pirate ship is approaching from starboard. The brave captain calls out to his crew, "Man your battle stations..." and snaps to his cabin boy, "Argh, boy, run down to my cabin and fetch my red shirt, boy."
So the cabin boy does. He gives the shirt to the captain, and cannot stop himself from asking, "But why the red shirt, sir?"
The captain says, "My job is to inspire my crew. If I'm fighting at their sides, they see my own bravery and continue to fight, even to the death. However, if I were wounded, if they were to see the blood flowing against the white of my shirt, they would be come fearful, disheartened...the battle could be lost. So I wear my red shirt. Even if I am wounded, they will not see my blood. They will not be afraid. And we will fight together until the battle is won."
The boy stands proudly next to his captain, sure that this must be
the bravest captain of all of the seven seas.
The first mate rushes up to the captain yet again to report that now there is a second hostile pirate ship approaching from port. The captain looks down at the cabin boy and snaps,
"Argh, boy, fetch me my brown pants."
Okay. It's your turn. What's your best joke?
(Aside: Sorry for the re-run, Mary and Scotty)
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.

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