Monday, March 31, 2008

In Which Cara Displays an Appalling Lack of Tact

It was a busy day for me.
Turns out it was busy for Cara too.
She's got an essay to write on Canterbury tales comparing the Parson to another charactor. She's got a test.
She's struggling with government.
"The teacher hates me."
I'm the mother of Dylan.
He was not a great teacher's favorite. He's kind of lively.
Got good grades, but merely endured school. He used to say things like that.
This, however, is a first for Cara, though.
She's a pretty likeable kid.
So I make tut-tutting noises.
She says, with heat, that he's the stupidest teacher she's ever had,
that he doesn't know anything about his subject.
He also generalizes EVERYTHING.
Um. Cara generalizes too. A lot.
Cara can tell she's losing me.
"Mom. The man said that the Magna Carta was signed in 1856. I told him he was wrong. He argued with me and said that our Declaration of Independence was modeled after the Magna Carta."
I'm a little shocked.
The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.
Even if he didn't realize that he had his Magna Carta date wrong, he should have been able to figure out, when challenged by a spunky senior, that the Declaration of Independence could not have been modeled after a document that he was claiming had been created 80 years later.
I said, "Well, maybe if you'd have simply shown him something to prove your point."
She said, "I did."
"Oh. And what did he say?"
"Let us say that he got very snippy."
I tried to think of something helpful to say, but it was getting harder to disagree with her.
Cara said, "Then I told him he was stupid."
"Um. Cara. I think that I have pinpointed the problem here.


jeanie said...

ha ha ha ha - too funny Deb. But I really hate that they don't teach teachers in college to graciously accept that sometimes the kids might be right.

debby said...

I have really tried to get it through to them that you should disagree with authority respectfully. I'm pleased that she's assertive, and appalled that she's snotty. Though you phrased it more nicely. Your daughter was 'cheeky'. That sounds better.

Mary Paddock said...

So far so good with my oldest, though he never hesitates to tell me when he thinks I'M wrong. It would sure be nice if he'd spread the love . . .