Thursday, March 6, 2008


I'm not a big TV watcher, although I don't have so much charactor that the thing remains off 100% of the time. But our favorite night for TV viewing is Saturday night. I love the to watch 'As Time Goes By'. It's a British comedy that PBS airs. Tim likes the Canadian 'The Red Green Show'. He gets a kick out of Red's world where the duct tape assumes it's rightful place in the great scheme of life. He also laughs every time that he hears the Possum gang reciting
'the Man's Prayer'.
"I'm a man.
I can change.
If I have to.
I guess."
My sister spends most weekends at our house. She likes to watch cooking shows, and so that is how we got hooked on 'The Great Chef'. This past week, the three chefs/judges were sampling the offerings sent out to the table by the two competing young chefs. One judge complains about the size of the helpings. "Too much meat," she sniffs. "Very 'housewife'." There is more discussion about the seasonings, and the presentation of the meal, etc. And again, the meal was referred to as 'housewife'. I sat there thinking of all the meals that I put together, meals for teenagers that had to be hearty and filling or lives would cease right on the spot. Teenagers need big helpings. Your choice is to feed them, or to worry that the dog might suddenly come up missing. Tim is a small person, but he works hard, and the man eats. One of his favorite things about me is that I cook. He was on his own for 8 years before he met me. As near as I can tell, he lived on hotdogs and frozen pizza. So whatever I'm making, he's happy with, and he partakes with gusto. He'd rather eat at home than at any restaurant he knows of. My boy Dylan misses home cooking so much that I freeze leftovers for him when he comes home to visit. He brings an empty ice chest, and fills it when he leaves. The girls ask for recipes. So I watch this show, thinking that while my cooking would most assuredly be referred to as 'housewife', 'housewife' cooking keeps my crew happy. Tim was on the computer during this program, reading, but on some level he must have been listening to the show. He turned to look at the television with an astonished look on his face and then looked at me.
"I don't get it," he says. " 'Housewife' isn't good?"
He's got a standing invitation to dinner here. The chefs are on their own.


Mikey said...

What kind of snotty shows is your sister watching? I'm w/Tim.... what's wrong w/housewife?
That silly leaf and a sliver of beef style meal wouldn't cut it around here!

PaintedPromise said...

nope, not around here either. even though it couldn't be called "housewife" since it's Randy doing the cooking (lucky me)

and the more i hear about Tim, the more i like him :)

debby said...

If I put one of those tiny artfully arranged nuggets of beef (well, venison here...we don't eat much grocery store meat) on a plate and told Tim that was supper, the first thing that he'd ask is where the rest of it went.

sexy said...
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